Apr 25, 2013

500 Days of Summer

Assalammualaikum :)

I know, this movie is quite famous among us. Especially for those who loves to watch romantic movies or love stories. Sadly, this is not a love story. It's about Tom and Summer. It took me a couple of years to finally watch this movie. Well, still, I know what this movie is all about, I heard about this movie a lot, literally, a lot - from my friends. It's everywhere, in Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Tumblr, you just name it. This is about a girl and a boy, but unfortunately, some people are meant to fall in love with each other, but not meant to be together.

Nothing much to say, basically it's about falling in love, falling out of love, the happiness & the sadness. Here are some quotes from the movies. Enjoy! (Credit to Google).

Apr 24, 2013

Apr 23, 2013

Day 2 - Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

Assalammualaikum :)


But, I have no choice, I really need to share my excitement and happiness with you guys. Haha. Told ya, this was the best day of my 2013! Just look at the wide smile on my face! You could clearly see that my parents are super excited as well! Hahaha. Enjoy the pictures peeps!

You can click on each picture to enlarge :)

Just a few minutes, then we will be at USS! 

 Aban & Kma! Yes we're finally here!

 Abah & Mama

USS signboard! Wuhooooo! 

 Ahhh! Level of excitement = 110%

 The main trademark of USS! Oh yesss it's moving.

Universal Studios! 

Masuk terus duduk bergambar dulu. Yeayyy dah masuk! 

Souvenirs shop at the entrance. 

 The first character I met is... Kungfu Panda! I was screaming like hell.
Yeah, I'm so so so excited. It is my most favorite character! :)))

Sooo, this is what it's look like when you first enter USS. 


 With adorable and sexy Betty Boop!

 Cute, unique and attractive stalls everywhere!

 Check out the showtimes schedule so that you wouldn't miss the show!

Antique Hollywood car! 

 Sesame Street!

 Another antique yellow car, and old cab!

New York city and then Sci-Fiction city of Transformers!


Sci-Fi City. 

We have to wait for more than 60 minutes before our turn, since it's weekends. Full of visitors.

Penat gila menunggu tapi masih mampu tersenyum. Aherherher.

Finally inside! But still, long way to go. 

As if we're in the real mission! 

We made it! 5 minit je naik Transformers Ride, tapi besttt!


 How I wish...

Ini tak perlu naik, lebih kepada kanak-kanak. Sebab macam cawan pusing-pusing tu. 

 THIS IS MY FAVORITE! I mean, I love Roller Coaster kot! Excitednyaaa!

Cylon - Faster compared to Human. 

 Human - Satisfaction! Haha. I made it. Slower than Cylon.

 Next, The Mummy World!

 Indoor roller coaster! Wuhoo! This is super funnn!


 And then Jurassic Park!

 Prepare to be wet!

As for me, this is not the best ride.  

Sandwiches and Cold Drinks. 


 Yeay Shrek! Yeay far far awayyyyyy!

OMG I've been dreaming of living in my own castle since I was a little girl! 


Oh god, oh castle. I'm a princesssss! Princess Fiona :P 

Cute Pinocchio! 

Ready for 4D Adventures! Movieee!

I love everything here, the castle, the lamp, the environment   

 My Most Favorite character after Kungfu Panda - Puss in Boots!!!
Sorry, can't stop smiling.

It was like I'm a princess, and that's my castle and I live happily ever after in a fairy tale world! 

 Look Familiar? ;)

Princess Fiona & Shrek!!!

Madagascar ride!

Yeayyy, we only waited for 5 minutes!

Penguins of Madagascar dancing 'I like to move it, move it'!

Souvenirs shopsss.

 Another unique stall!

 Little that I know, it almost night.

 Another popcorn stall.

And you can see these sign boards at the entrance. 

We spent more than 9 hours in this place, and yet we still didn't manage to visit every world or city. I recommended for you to come on weekdays instead of weekends. On weekends, you would spent most of the time waiting for your turn utk naik atau tengok movie. So, kalau weekdays taklah ramai orang sangat, dan sempat utk pergi semua tempat mungkin. :)

Setiap city atau world ada souvenirs shop masing-masing. Tapi kalau terlupa nak beli apa-apa, jangan risau, nak keluar dari sini ada souvenirs shop yang jual semua barang daripada semua characters. Pleaseee prepare duit lebih sikit sebab souvenirs dia terlalu comel dan unik, juga mahal. Keychains around RM12.50 - RM30 each. Tapi kalau tak beli, rugi. So, make sure you don't miss this opportunity. I would share some other tips on the next posts. Hope you enjoy the pictures! ;)