Jan 7, 2013

2012 birthday presents!

Assalamualaikum :)

It has been like 3 months ago and it's kind of late - it was on 20th October 2012, BUT i sincerely would like to thank each and everyone of you for all the wishes (ALL), surprises especially Namin & Tia, love and pray especially undeniable love from mama and abah! Thank you so much :')

Thank you for all these wonderful gifts, especially those who have been supporting me a lot throughout this path of life. Sorry for not been able to write more, exam week dude! Just, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

A new desktop from Namin, A coach handbag yg abah beli time abah pergi US, and a longchamp dari mama, yang dibeli oleh sepupu time gi France. Honestly sini harga longchamp almost double. Tak adil!

These are all from mama & abah, except the picture at the center - Cute japanese notebook & famous amos cookies from my cousin, Akma & Aban

Directly from US - A Levis jeans, Victoria's Secret Lipgloss, Hershey's Chocolates (Major love)!, Victorias' Secret Pure Seduction set consits of body wash, body lotion and body spray, PINK perfume, Sheppard Shirt, Victoria's Secret Love Spell set. Victoria's Secret is like 3x cheaper in US compared to any that could be found at any local shops or online blogshops :)

Last but not least, My penguin! Siang malam termimpi-mimpi sampai tulis blog!

1st row from left = Birthday card from Tia, and a cute colorful small drawer from Tia too! Ini pun terharu, ada orang tu balik dari kelas, terus belikan kita hadiah, and hantar hadiah dekat rumah, malam birthday kita :') Thanks dear Tia! And the last one is a card, with a tudung actually, from Japan, tak nampak plak. Thank you as well si comel!

2nd row from left = Chocolates from Auntie Farah - Bestfriend mama. 4 pair of shoes from Kak Sally & Faris. SALE gilaaa dkt Vincci, so beli berbaloi-baloi. Hitam tu dah jad kasut pergi kelas! Thanks cousins! :) And a Red Velvet birthday cake from my D12 gf, Naiya, for details of the cake, click here. Sangat sedaplah Naiya! Hari tu cousin & Auntie datang, semua puji sedap! Thanks dear! 

3rd row from left = Gelang mutiara dari Sabah, Ishh terharu gilalah Mia! Thank you yang! Hairband & Keychain from Nadia, my classmate, yg banyak sgt membantu sem ni. Hairband tu dia belikan sama juga utk Tia. Hee. Kita org kan suka pink! :) Thanks Nadia! And lastly, tudung bawal dr cousin di Kelantan, Ainaa. Hehe, lawaaa! Thanks ainaa :)

P/S: Learning to appreciate those who appreciate me,
And go die those who didn't. Haha. No lah. 
Just, learning to ignore too.

I am blessed after all. Alhamdulilah :')