Dec 30, 2012

The Body Shop 2012 Christmas Special

Assalamualaikum :)

Good morning! Wake up feeling fresh aje seminggu nih! Hihi. Al maklumlah 14 minggu belajar dah tamat! Makanya cukup tidur, Alhamdulilah. Sekarang minggu study dan exam, sila menangis. Fuhhh, I hope I can do it! Dgn izin Allah and doa mama abah, boleh! Aamin. Oh by the way, as we are aware, Christmas & Year End Sale everywhere! YES! Sale is everywhere, I can not resist it! Nafsu perempuan shopping paling kuat agaknya?

As for this year, honestly I did not shop much. Not even much for my Aidilfitri few months back. But, I shopped like crazy from October - December.  Well, I guess because October was my birthday, err November nothing much, and December it is Year End Sale! I mean like, come on, it is toooo good to be true!

Oh, for this Christmas Sale, I got myself special edition of Vanilla & Cranberry body set. Actually it was quite late, I mean I bought myself all these stuff during middle of December and some by Christmas Day. And I learned lots of thing, which you need to grab special edition collections as early as the products are available in the market! Ohh trust me, it was so hard to collect Vanilla special edition which I love sooo much! Cranberry set is a gift from abah, and I bought the Vanilla set with my pocket money! *terbang duit hoi hoi*

I personally love the smell of Vanilla more than anything else, but it was so hard to find Vanilla gift set as it is a hot selling item. So, I decided to buy Cranberry gift set and add on a few available items of Vanilla Bliss. Ohh I really need to start save money for the next Christmas sale, surely I'm gonna repurchase these items!

These are my items. From left :

Vanilla Bliss shower gel, Vanilla Bliss Body Polish (body scrub), Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion,
Cranberry Joy Lip Balm, and Cranberry set consist of Cranberry Joy Body Polish, Cranberry Joy Body Butter, Cranberry Joy Shower Gel & Cranberry Joy soap/Savon.

Vanilla Bliss Body Polish 200ml - RM 49.90
Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion 250ml - RM49.90 (It is shimmering! as if you are a twilight star :P)
Vanilla Bliss Shower Gel 250ml - RM39.90

Cranberry Joy Lip Balm (6g) - RM26

It looks red, but it does not look as red as it is on your lips. The color was a frosty pigmented light red. Nice smell, of course, that's the main reason I bought this. And I love the round shape - ready to wear, so you don't have to swirl your finger and apply. Beautiful shine and moisture enough.

An octagonal aluminium tin with snowflakes pattern. Wonderful, as it represents Christmas.

This gift set consists of 4 items - RM 120.00

Cranberry Joy Shower Gel - 250ml
Cranberry Joy Body Butter - 50ml
Cranberry Joy Body Scrub - 75ml
Cranberry Joy Soap - 40g

and a voucher with 15% off with a purchase of RM 150 and above

I love these cute tiny packaging! Cranberry smells really good, I mean it was like, full of berries, like a mixture of Strawberry, Raspberry and Cranberry! 

Total 8 items of The Body Shop Christmas Edition! 


Mizznadeiya said...

aaaaaaa bestnya bestnya!!

Aqilah Amin said...

Best best! Nak mandi pun excited! Hahaha!

aLia said...

bestnya! mesti ada rasa nak mkn sbb vanilla! huhu

Aqilah Amin said...

Best! Kadang-kadang tetiba bukak shower gel semata-mata nak bau. Thee :)