Oct 29, 2012

Surprise of the year!

Assalamualaikum :)

If you've been a loyal reader of this humble blog, *cewah* you will remember, a few months back, I did mention that my laptop was totally out during few days before Raya. You can read it here. The laptop is so important to me, as i am a student. But I don't have time to worry much since it was Aidilfitri, more reason to celebrate with family members rather than being gloomy about the broken laptop. I was thinking that maybe there is something wrong with the motherboard since it refused to switch on and the only thing I could see was the empty black screen =,=

After the whole week spent in kampung, I went back to KL, and the only two things that were on my mind are duit raya and laptop. Guess I have to keep all my duit raya and start saving to buy a new laptop. Yes I got quite a numbers of duit raya, (for the sake of 23years young) :P but it wasn't enough to buy me a new laptop. It was Sunday when I was home. Plenty of housework to be done since it has been a week we left home. So I was thinking to spend my time at home the next day, to, you know, take a rest and recharge my energy. Been travelling a lot kot!

But then, Namin nak jumpa beria-ria Isnin tu jugak... Hehe. So, I was like, it's okay, boleh je nak jumpa. Kita pun pelik, sbb selalunya kita beria-beria. Hari tu terbalik :P When I was busy getting myself ready to meet him, he called and said that he need to use the toilet. Mama was home, so I asked for her permission first. Then, I took my key and I was about to open the door grill when I actually saw he was there standing with a wide smile on his face, holding a few PLASTIC BAGS FILLED WITH COMPUTER STUFFS! It took me a few seconds to realize that it's all for me! What a surprise!!! Haha... I can't stop asking him "Kenapa u beli kan? Kenapa u belikan?" with a super exciting face... Nampak sgt malu tapi mahu kan! Terharu kot... *Teary eyes*

It was Monday, 27th August 2012 - THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR!

Cute speaker with my favorite color! Hehe... And he told me... 
"Ingat nak tunggu birthday u, tapi dah laptop u rosak, i hadiahkan sekarang..." :)

Adorable pink!

Wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, super cute speakers, and and it is super fast! Haha.
Thank you! Thank you sbb set up wiring UniFi i jugak! :D

I can't forget the way I reacted that day. Haha... Thank you so much by, thank you so much! Sgtlah happy, sgtlah bersyukur, sgtlah seronok, best kot guna PC. Haha... No wonder all the guys who love games would do anything to upgrade their PC's. And now I know kenapa dia org addict gila. And sekarang blh buat assignment dgn tenang. Hehe. And you know what, laptop tu graphic card yg rosak. But it is located near OR in the motherboard (I'm not sure), itu yang nampak mcm motherboard yg rosak. Thank you abah sbb tlg repair.

So now I have both laptop and PC! Super yeay! I couldn't be happier. Alhamdulilah, rezeki yang tak disangka-sangka, tepat pada masanya. :)


Atika Azumi said...

ahahaha ee i pulak yg senyum sorang2 baca entry ni hahahahah. romantik jgk nabelon ni hihihi

Nadeiya Aalie said...

Yang patah tumbuh yang hilang bergantai *tetiba*

Hehe happy for you dear. take care

Aqilah Amin said...

Atika : Haha... Dia mmg suka buat surprise pd saat-saat tak diduga! :)

Atyn : Hehe.. Ini yg nak patah, hidup lg, pastu dah ada ganti. :D Thank you atyn, take care as well!

nadya ajhman said...

Homaigod..!! sweetnyer die.. patut la bila tanye pasal pc, qilah senyum2 sengih2.. how come naiya xtau nih.. aiyoo...mmg ttingal keretapi betul naiya nii... as i said, speaker tu sgt comellls.rase nk curik bawak balik jer..hahah..

Aqilah Amin said...

Naiya : Hahaha! Sweet sweet. Ngee... Senyum je lah, segan nk bgtau semua org. Cehh pdhal da bgtau semua org dkt blog. Haha. :)