Oct 18, 2012

cute cute little cat

Assalamualaikum. :)

Again, not much time to blog. Plenty of stories, Hundreds of pictures and I only have 24hours a day. Spent about 4-5 hours to sleep, 1-3 hours to drive from home - shah alam, and spent almost 66% of the day with classes, assignments, last minute preparation for quiz, test etc. And oh, er couple of hours wasted with surfing the net, randomly konon-konon sementara rehatkan badan. Tengok-tengok dah sejam dua. Erghhh... membazir masa!

Not to forget, doing all the household management. Wah? Yes, anak tunggal bukan goyang kaki nokkk, malas-malas I pun, I have to do it because I have no choice. But I did it because I want to. Mama tak suruh pun, so jangan ingat I terpaksa plak. It was like, considering you have to be strong because you have no option? Yes, quite similar. There goes my 24hours a day~

Nak dating pun tak sempat... Aherherher. (Tia ajar gelak mcm tu). There are time yg I tau i boleh guna utk buat kerja and assignment sepenuhnya. But, sorrylah I am not that so hardworking type. Serius, kalau ada masa konon nak set jam bangun 4:00am, last-last bangun 5:00am jugak. So ada masa, kalau blh relax mcm last weekends, setelah 12 hari straight kelas (termasuk sabtu ahad ada modul) I duk relax, lepak buang masa je... Boleh? Pdhal boleh sgt kalau nak buat assignment! But tak adalah i buang masa bodoh-bodoh gitu je. Last week balik Kuantan dgn mama dan auntie, to visit my uncle and Qaid (the new family member), the one I mentioned here. So, sabtu ahad tu habis sekelip mata aja!

And now, 30 minutes left before Friday. Dah nak habis seminggu. Cepat sangat! Tapi kalau dilihat dr sudut abah dkt US tak balik-balik, mmg rasa lama sangat! Baliklah abah baliklah baliklah baliklah cepat! Motif dah membebel panjang gila? Padahal nak letak gambar Puss in Boots time baby je! Comel sangattt! Tu je, nanti cerita lagi. Good night, okbaiii!

Y U No Exist? I want chu! I want i want! 

Thank you for those who understands  me so well.
And those who always support me through unexpected time. 
Keep on praying for me :)

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