Sep 5, 2012

Adding some color to my room

 Assalamualaikum! :)

Most of the time, I can't stand lights when I'm trying to sleep. I can sleep with them on too, but it takes a little longer til I really fall asleep. The darker, the better. Well, I need my room to be dark and cozy after a long hot sunny day (usually) in Malaysia. I have a hard enough time getting to sleep as it is. Leaving the lights on would definitely make it harder to sleep. Normally I sleep with them off but if I am too tired to move and the light is on, I can still easily fall asleep (most of the cased, after a long dayyy full of classes).

BUT, few days back, when I was in Penang, I can't resist myself from looking at this colorful ball shaped lights, and the best part is, my auntie (Teh) gave it to me as a present! Thank you teh! The lights added some colors to my room during night! Ahh, I'm falling in love with my room over and over again, too many fancy things are here! :P Naaa, kididng, it just me. I am easily attracted to tiny cute things and I keep all the stuffs which means a lot to me (high sentimental value) in my room til I have no more space in this room. But still, whenever I left home for couple of days for a trip or vacation, things I miss the most about my home are my fluffy cats, Sugar & Pepper, and my room! Okay enough talking, let's check it out!

Yes, it's long, which consist of 20 balls of light and 3 different shades of pink color.
and my new desktop! (will definitely make a special post about it)

 Ohhhh pretty lights, my super-early birthday present & surprise (new desktop), anddd...
a close up shot of Sugar as my wallpaper! Hihi...

 Cute little speaker and cute little ball!

And lastly, a zoom-in picture of the ball!

Good night, have a beautiful nightmare! :)


Nadeiya Aalie said...

haha memang lawa lambu bola tu.. kan? Berapa Qila beli?

Nadeiya Aalie said...


ra|nbOw said...

haha! lambu pun boleh yang, qla fhm je :D dia jual RM25, qla mintak RM20 dpt!