Jun 6, 2012

Thank you so much for today abah, mama & tia.

Assalamualaikum :)

Just a short update. 1st of all, praise to Allah for today, Alhamdulilah. I am soooo tired right now, but I can't hold it any longer to thank three important people in my life who made up my day today.

Ohhh by the way, the test was okay-okay. Yes, it was full with history questions which I don't memorize the names. And for the evening class, we finished the whole chapter, so the individual assignment has been postponed until next week. I arrived home around 530pm, and went straight to KLCC with Tia for our photo communication assignment.

First, we took pictures around KLCC park using Tia's Canon. Then we went straight to Nikon, and I finally bought a Nikon DSLR!  Hooray! Abah, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH for THISSS! This was the best present ever, eh the 2nd best present ever, after the car... Myvi~ Hehe... :)

I promise I will take a good care of this with all my heart and soul!!! Insya Allah.

Yeah, I've been thinking, which should I choose between Canon and Nikon. 
But I have always love Nikon. And i really do love this! :)))

We sat for hours in Nikon Shop. And this DSLR really is user-friendly. Easy to learn, and I love the sharp picture! Thank you to the salesman, who patiently explained every single details of the camera. And of course Tia, who gave me suggestions.

It was 8pm ++ when we leaved Nikon Shop. I was hungry, dead hungry... So we ate at KLCC's food court, and it was 9pm++ when we leaved the food court. Headed to Body shop and Vincci for window shopping, and then the last stop was KLCC park again! There was a Music & Light Festival around KLCC famous fountain area. 

I was so excited. Yesss, excited and happy. I love those LED light, live music performance, fountains 'groove' in with music... The last time I was THAT excited was 2-3 years ago, when I went to a fun fair a day before my final exam. Hehehe... No worries, I managed to get A+ for that subject :P

I can't help it but snap a few pictures with my new sweetheart! 

Thank you dearest gf, Tia, for patiently help me with my assignment, and for the suggestion, plus the laugh, time we spent. Oh by the way, it was our 1st time hanging out together. :)


Just an idea of the environment of what happened last night at KLCC :) 

It was almost 11pm when I arrived home. Gotta sleep right now. Am tired. Tomorrow is another tough day, gonna be home around 8pm, well guess so. Good night people... :) 

P/S mama abah :
I miss both of you, I do... I want to hug  both of you just now, but I  am just too shy...
Shy with my selfish attitude, sometime.  Sorry if  I accidentally hurt you. 
But do remember, I love you, both of you, no matter how  worst thing could be. 



Nadeiya Aalie said...

Bestnya. Belajaq rerajin naa Qila! Hehe.

Shafinaz Maruai said...

Wahhhhh seronoknya dia. Hehe. Siap dgn tripod lagi. Chop awal ae utk tunang and nikah and sanding and baby shower and etc etc.

Happy for you bbe ! <3

ra|nbOw said...

fatyn, alhamdulilah :))) alalala. haha, mmg akan belajar rajin-rajin demi mama abah. thank you fatyn~!

finaz, haruslah seronok! hihi.. hamboi sampai ke baby dah fikir ha! ahaha. Thank youuuuu!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Kalau boleh, bulan dan bintang akan kami berikan buat anakanda seorang. We know better than others who you are, what you want and how to read your mind.You are part of us. Gunakan segala kemudahan yang ada untuk mencapai cita-cita yang tinggi dan murni itu dengan iringan doa dan tawakkal, insyaAllah ada ganjaran yang setimpal menunggu.

Hidayah Maznan said...

wahh beruntungnya anda! sy pun ada nikon dslr..D3100.. so far sgt berpuas hati guna. yg tu i beli pakai duit sendiri. nak dekat setaun jugak kumpul. jaga baik2 ye kamera anda :)

ra|nbOw said...

Abah : Wahhh bkn main lg bulan dan bintang. Hahahah. insya Allah, i will try to improve. Thnk you mama abah! Insya Allah amin.

Hidayah : Alhamdulilah. hehe... Mmg puas hati dan best! Kene jage habis baik! 1st camera dlu, Sony pun guna duit sdiri... Samelah lama nak kumpul! :)

nadya ajhman said...

Wahh... dah ade camera besaq..! nnti hangout reramai bley la nak bephotoshoot..hehehe..

btw, miss you dear.. bile nk jumpe ntah ni..huuu..

ra|nbOw said...

hehe. boleh lah lg sakan kalau kuar pasnih! hahaha! miss you more! Insya Allah soon, after my final!!! :)

Norafarhanis Rahman said...

wahhh! ada baby baruuu laaa! hahaahaha selamat berkamera sana sini :)

ra|nbOw said...

Hahahaha... Alhamdulilahhhhhh :D