Jun 28, 2012

It was all mess up until I saw this.

Assalamualaikum. :)

Well I had quite a bad day today, til I accidentally found this. 

No, it wasn't about the exam just now. OH it was hard. Who said TITAS is easy? I'll kill you. It was hard, the objective questions are killing meee. The previous semester is much much much easier. Unfair. Now let just pray for the best. Past is past. But that's not the main point...

I'm having a bad day. Since I woke up before I drove to Shah Alam. 
I have no idea what should I eat for my breakfast... I was rushing.
And I don't want to bother mama in the morning just because I was in a hurry.

And I am really trying to be patient while I'm driving. Oh gosh, I hate driving. 
Well, I love cars, I love to drive all alone. I just hate to be on the road with other drivers.
I mean those selfish, super slow driver... Come on, have some respect! 
Please, do not drive as if you owned the road. Do consider others.
And please, do not drive 60km/h - 80km/h in the middle or right lane. Everyone in a rush kot...

Sometimes, I just hate lady driver. :|
But yeah, I am trying so hard TO NOT TO CURSE while driving! Berdosa je, tambah nak puasa ni...

It seems like that's the main point of me, having a bad day. But heyyy, wait a minute! 
It is all seems so bad, because I am not dealing very well with my anger. Now, everything is under control, I guess it wasn't that bad after all... Just a few incidents which involved uneducated people... But everything is going to be all right eventually. 

So my point is, do not act while you are at the peak of your anger. Just shut up for that few seconds. Let it be for few seconds, 10 seconds maybe? Then, think, breathe, there you go... It was nothing. :) 

Okayyy, gotta study for my next paper this Saturday & Sunday. Til then, take care! 

P/S: Happy birthdayyy Syarifah Nabilah!


Anonymous said...

nice quote. make me feel awake. :)

ra|nbOw said...

yeah, it knock me too! :)