Feb 20, 2012

the sweet sensation of chocolate fountain

Assalamualaikum :)

Minggu ni teh dan aisyah dtg dr Kuantan utk settlekan hal-hal perkahwinan sepupu sy, si kma. Aisyah si bdk kecik berumur 12thn, sgtlah rajin membaking. Nak dijadikan cerita, kma mmg plan nak buat chocolate booth utk wedding dia nanti. Aisyah lah org plg happy. And so, kma mmg nak sgt ada chocolate fountain. Makanya, dia beli khas utk wedding day dia. So sabtu lepas, kami merasmikan chocolate fountain tersebut, just to get the feeling sensation of eating fresh fruits, and marshmallow in the flood of chocolate!


fresh fruits are depending on your choice :)
we choose strawberry, banana, apple, kiwi, and grapes.


cut the fruits the way you love it - cubes, slices, or any shape.


marshmallow is a must, as requested by me :P
and this is one cute heart-shaped pink marshmallow! LIKE!


preparing everything.


okay, pouring down the chocolate.


YEAYYY we're ready to attack!!!

It was super delicious. I personally suggest you to avoid super sweet fruits sbb akan jd sgtlah amat sweet. Kiwi, strawberry and banana are nice! Sebenarnya rasa teringin lg nak mkn mcm ni. Lambat lagi kene tunggu kma kawin lah gamaknya. Hewhewhew.

Oh ye, memandangkan sbb akan guna chocolate fountain ni sekali-sekala, atau sebenarnya, jarang sangat, maka kma came up with a better solution! - utk sewakan kpd org ramai! I mean, for special occasion, memorable events, birthday party, why not? Hee.

So, this is the list of the package -

Single Package
chocolate fountain - RM50 / per day

Budget Package
Chocolate fountain + compound chocolate - RM 80

Fruit Buffet (for 100 pax)
- Banana, strawberry, kiwi, apple
- RM 300 (decoration included)

Candy Buffet (for 100 pax)
- lollipop, marshmallow, stick biscuits, cup cakes, fancy cookies, colorful jelly
- RM 280 (decoration included)

Candy + Fruits (for 100 pax)
- RM 550 (decoration included)

Any inquiries, feel free to contact Kma through her FB - Akma Aban or email at zayura@yahoo.com

For those yg belum try, you really should! Best gilaaa! Hahaha. Till then, take care! :)

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