Sep 15, 2011

something borrowed

I love this movie, and the OST. all about love and friendship :)

Ginnifer Goodwin plays Rachel, an unhappy, single, talented attorney working in a New York law firm. Rachel drinks too much on her 30th birthday and wakes up to find herself in bed with Dex (Colin Egglesfield), the man whom she has had a crush on since law school. The problem is that he is also her best friend Darcy’s (Kate Hudson) fiance. Relationships are tested while a long-time trusted friend, Ethan (John Krasinski), stands by Rachel with a secret of his own. - google.

He makes you the person you want to be, instead of the person you are, and that,
the idea of life without him is not only unbearable, it's unimaginable.

Ethan : What do you want?
Rachel : I want not to want him

Have you ever gone down a road, far down and wondered, maybe it wasn’t what you want?

I love you. I've always loved you. And I should've told you long time ago,
but I'm telling you now before it's too late, before it's really too late.
you're not the only one who hasn't been living this life.
I haven't either, but I wanna live it now. And I wanna live it with you..

If you love someone, jut let him/her know. before it's too late.

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