May 3, 2011

Terengganu, reason to visit: the market

assalamualaikum. :)

market, has always been a busy, crowded place and yet a little bit dirty, wet and smelly. BUT, as for me, the market in both Terengganu & Kelantan are very special and have their own unique Asian attraction. Divided into two levels, the ground is where you could find all different types of foods, while the upper floor is where you could be insane for a few moments just to see a variety of genuine silk and all sorts of traditional clothes.

As you can see here, every single foods is totally cheap and reasonable.

dried chillies from here, is mum's no1 choice.

keropok keping!

gula melaka.

you named it, they got it. :)

i just reallyyyy trulyyyy love dodol! :D

i ate this since i was 7!

the upper stair.

more and more stall.

some of Terengganu's silk.

oh yar, before we left, bought some pure juicy mangoes! :)

well, there's a lot more to explore, try it yourself! :)


aLia said...

pasar payang?

ra|nbOw said...

haaa. tak ingt plak name die pasar payang. wuwuwuwuw.