May 5, 2011

Terengganu, reason to visit: during tea time (the last part)

assalamualaikum, and good day! :)

You know when i was younger, mum always tease me for being choosy towards some people and state. As an example, i told the whole world i was born and grown up in KL, and i am a pure KL ppl. (poyo gila, i know). i dislike the fact that i'm a mix blood of Chinese (Kelantan) and Malay (Terengganu). I was shocked and uncomfortable when i was 1st enter MRSM Kuala Lipis, years ago, because most of the people came from Terengganu and Kelantan. it was just me, grown up in a town BUT one thing for sure, i do respect all of them. and it turns the other way later on, they began to like me as i began to love them :)

But the fact is in my blood, no matter what i said or did, would not change the world. I'm a Kelantanese, with a mix of Terengganu, and this one thing that you could obviously see is my taste in choosing traditional kuih and breakfast. I love akok, kerabu (all kinds of kerabu -- perut, mangga, sotong, kerang, etc), laksam, bahulu, and all sort of we called it "kuih orang tua". Every year, every each year, we went back to dad's hometown to celebrate Aidilfitri, or sometime Chinese New Year, i did choose the best attire to wear. most of the time, i prefer to wear baju kurung. the strongest reason is, i just really do respect the people and both states which we do know as the most religious states in Malaysia.

i remember when i was 15, i went to Pasar Siti Khadijah, with baju kurung. i was pissed off and sad, a little to see some of the teenagers, the pure Kelantanese, now become mat rempit and some of the girls even wear a very short sleeve shirt, with tudung. i was like, "oh come onnn, can u at least, give a little respect towards your tudung or state?" pfttt. YES, that WAS me by that time, i hate to be there, but i do resepct them. but now, everything is change. I got like hundreds of friends from both states, which are very nice, and polite. :)

okay, i'm way beyond the main topic. as i told before, i went to Terengganu to attend a wedding ceremony of my relative. like, 2 pupu, which is mum's cousin, daughter. and, people, this is the food!

gulai, KERABU PERUT, ayam percik. ohhmegodd, i ate as much as i could. :P

we took few family pictures, rest for a few moments, and then get ready to drove back to Kuantan. on my way to Kuantan, abah decided to use the other road where you could see the view of the blue sea all the way back. which is very nice. :)

i was sleepy. it was a hot sunny day, yet tiring. and my stomach is full. i could shut down my wire anytime :P

.....suddenly, mum decided to stopped by at Marang, since i wanna have a fresh coconut drink. and yes, dah semangat balik! ngee.

if you ask me hundred years later, i would still answer HER as the woman i love the most.

ABAH, it's you! (i know u're reading this :P)
someday i'll get married with my prince, but u will always be my king!

mama simply amazed by the view and the wind. look at the blue sea!

fresh coconut with ice - RM 3 each.

fresh ikan kembung, you could choose a variety of fish.

and yes, all time faberetttt, sotong goreng tepung!!! :D

see, how tempting the foods are and the sea is, that i could still eat even though my stomach is full. it looks like my tummy could co-operate and give some empty space for this tea time :P

aaaa. really can't wait for Hari Raya. going to hunt for more food! till then, take care ppl!


amier azrul alias said...

byk gler ko mkn!

sdapp weyy :D

ra|nbOw said...

hahahhahaha. sbb tu sehari raya leh naik 2kg :P