May 24, 2011

the office look

assalamualaikum ppl :)

this, a double meaning title which r - the environment of my office and also, my new office look :P nothing much to be done today and i planned to go for a lunch with namin. *thanks bby utk beberapa minit tu* :) by the moment i was about to leave the office, there was nobody there. cehhh, i was all alone at the office rupenye.

and i wanna show u, this is what my office looks like. and i've been to a few number of advertising & production company, and most of the companies are simple, stylish yet modern enough and unique. i just love the colors and the ideas. and this is 1 of the example. but this is only the production part. the management part which is on the upper floor is much much much gorgeous ;)

i love the view. and it is a very cold room. tp still boss angkut kipas jgk '-___-''
and this is the office part. we've meeting room, editing room, etc etc.

and this is where i spent 90% of my working hours.
it's a dubbing room. as u can see the door itself is fully covered with sponge.

lobby / hall. whenever it was too cold, i would seat here for a while.
just to make myself feel much warmer.

and this is the pantry. and i do really love the view, again... :))

as for today, dah hari ke 2 mama abah hantar/ambil pergi kerja. sbb kembara repair. phewww. dan dan lah 2 hari ni balik awal sbb semua ada urusan, so dlm 5pm i dah nak kene balik. so i kene la tnggu few minutes jgk sbb mama abah stuck dlm traffic jammed :(

td balik je kerja, terus pergi ambik spek i! tp kan power mata kiri dah jd 175. pdhal i pakai spek i yg kiri 125 elok je. tp 175 tu pun terang je nmpk, tak de plak rase terlebeyh. tp jd pening plak sbb dah biasa 125 kan. waaaaa. but, it totally changed my look. i look more likely like a corporate woman :P

and. everytime balik kerja, like everyday actually, i mmg berniat nak kemas bilik. but then sampai rumah, nampak katil, nampak laptop, terus tak jadi. tskkk. okay i dah ngantuk gila, so good nite, sleep tight ppl~ astalavista.


Tqa London said...

When someone yg jarang nk follow blog stranger tiba2 follow kita, rasa bangga sesangat. ahaks!
I love having a new friend as well as meeting them or get to know them. Thank you so much for following. Rasa mcm nak msuk dlm laptop peluk suma org yg following me. lol

Office u punya pantry nmpak cozy giler.. tambah2 bila hujan.. hahah

miss yanie said...

comey nya qila ngn speky baru ;)

ra|nbOw said...

tqa ; ahahhh. welcome, my pleasure, i would love to :)) hahahahha. mmg cosy gla. time lepak rase nk tdow je :P

yanie ; haha nmpk matang :P

wan rinie said...

qila keje kat mane ni?cantik la pantry!

miss yanie said...

tetap comey ;)

Anonymous said...

selalu camtu kan? pas balik keja penat2 mesti tak larat nak kemas bilik. hehe sama la ngan fatin pun