May 12, 2011

i changed the plan.

heh. me myself, i could hardly believe i am now learning to be a video editor.
an editor of a tele-film. of a drama.

now i wish i could join the shooting crew of fast & furious, or at least CSI team *kembang hidung*

the first day was tiring. 40 minutes to the office, and 60 minutes to go home. KL, traffic jammed.

and yet, i just change a thing. a plan. i guess i'm not gonna further my study this year. i wanna gain much knowledge as possible for now, through experienced. and makes some money later on.

so, next year maybe. or few years ahead. for now, i'll stick to the new plan. to work and enjoying every second of it.

and i would like to thank every loves one for the support and suggestion. abah. mama. namin. shafinaz. kak laily. naiya. sherry. and all. thanks again!

gotta sleep now. i got my ENT appointment by 8am, and then straight to office. till then!



syakey said...

cool ahh jadi video editor. tough jugak tu.

all the best! ;)

ra|nbOw said...

eheh. thanks syakey! itulah bnyk nk kene spend time n depends on creativity. take care yang!