May 6, 2011

funny story about my grandma and KLCC

assalamualaikum wbt and evening! :)

i wouldn't be surprised if some of you did not know why did i call my grandma as 'cik'. she is mum's mother. mama and her siblings call cik, as cik instead of mak, or ibu. and we as the third generation, as cik's grandchildrens, still call her as CIK. if i am not mistaken, it is a nickname for a mother/grandmother who lives in Terengganu. correct me if i'm wrong. i didn't know much, sorry! :D

wokay. Cik is slightly different with any other grandma you would have ever met. yes she is. She used to be a heavy smoker, she got 2 mobile phones, she wears shawl, she loves chicken chop, and mc D as well. *wuhuu*. but one thing i can tell for sure, she did not know how to top up on her own :P

This is Cik, my grandmother

okay here is the story. My house is located in the middle of the main city road which is between Ampang, Jalan Tun Razak, and Wangsa Maju etc. As i am living in the 3rd floor of the apartment, we could clearly see the view of KLCC from this house, especially from Cik's room. Yarr, we don't have to join the crowd during any big celebration such as New Year's Eve as we could just stand at the corridor to watch the firework from up here :)

one fine day, you know, when the whole family gather around, and decided to visit all the other relative nearby, we stopped by at teh ani's house located at Jalan Kuching. Jalan Kuching is a lil bit far, it took about 30 minutes above from my house. It is a very high exclusive condominium, so i guess u could imagine how tall the building is. From teh ani's house, the view is something like this :

*credit to google*
it was the 20th something, or 30th something floor

CIK: eh, dekat je lahhh rumah ani (teh ani) dengan rumah pina. (mama)

MAMA: eh? kenape pulak cik?

CIK: sebab rumah ani nampak KLCC jgk. rumah pina pun nampak KLCC jgk.

ABAH & ME: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. semua rumah tinggi pun boleh nampak KLCC cik.

CIK: oh ye? jauh lah ni?

ABAH: dah berapa belas ke puluh KM dah cik... :P

CIK: cik ingat semua yg nampak KLCC tu dktlah rumah pina.

this is the map. *credit to google*

since that, everytime i think of KLCC, it reminds me of cik. kalau 30km dr KLCC pun, asal nampak KLCC, dekatlah tu :P


Shafinaz Maruai said...

Rawang pon dekat ngn KL whatttt ! Hahaha. Terbaik !

Atika Azumi said...

u should bring her to klcc, so she can see how big klcc is. comel grandma :)

ra|nbOw said...

finaz : hahahahaha. kalau nmpk KLCC tu dktlah tu! :D

atika ; haha. die dah pernah pergilah :)