Apr 27, 2011

small birthday surprise to put a smile on his face.

assalamualaikum! :) good morning!

i haven't sleep yet, and it is now 4:15am. ngee. just a little quick post. yesterday, 26th of april 2011, was namin's birthday. i currently had no car to drive on my own, since my cousin used mine for the time being, so, i have to asked kma to sent me to namin's house. it wasn't actually a birthday surprise since he is aware of me coming to his house, to lend him my scanner & in the other hand, to accompany & help him to finish up his model for his FYP as a interior design student.

and so, i bought a cake --- cheeze choc at Wangsa Walk's secret recipe, and arrived at his house around 11am. since it is weekdays, as i was expecting, they were only 4 of us - namin. mama. ayah. and me. unfortunately, his sisters & brother is not around to celebrate with us. :(

I asked him to help me to carry all my stuff, which are my laptop and scanner. And last but not least, his birthday cake! As soon as i took secret recipe's paper bag out of the car, he began to smile and said "eh, eh, eh, eh" HAHA. he just couldn't stop smiling! :D

simple birthday card from me.

and a cake.

a few BUM's shirts from mama & abah.

and this Puma's watch is from me... i'm glad that he loves it so much :)

i couldn't forget his smiling face. i just couldn't be more relief & happy too --- that he loves the cake, the shirts, and the watch. he keep on saying thank you, and look at me, smile, look at the presents again, look at me, and SMILEEEE. :D

he told me that he has no idea that i'm going to give him a watch as a bday present, and he just really do appreciate and love it. by the way, i logged in to his ebay account, and checked out his 'watch list', something quite close to wishlist, and that is how i found out he was looking for a watch!

happy birthday namin!!!

very excited face :P

namin and his mama ayah

we ate few slices of cake for a few minutes, and he continue to settle down his final project, non stop, until now. yes until 4:40am, NOW, he's still at UPM doing his model & panel.

i helped him to scan and translated a few words. print out his panel. bought some spray. and went to UPM, accompanied him at the studio until 2am, which is 2 hours ago. tskkk.

this is what his model looks-alike. almost done!

the truth is, he only spent less than an hour for his birthday today to unwrapped the gifts and ate a slice of cake. kesian kan! sabor je lah, adatlah student semester akhir.

okay till then, i gotta get some sleep. it is almost 5am. take care!


Anonymous said...

wat a great gupren he have. HB to him toO.

Atika Azumi said...


ra|nbOw said...

wunny : hehe, insya Allah, i'll let him know :) thanks btw!

atika : HAHAHAHAHA. kalu u tgk muka dia lg rasa geram, and tersengih mcm dia jugak! :D

nadya ajhman said...

Omegod..wht a sweet person u r.. n nabil too..teman wat fyp lg..suwitt sawngatt.. *envy* hikhik.. XP

ra|nbOw said...

hahahahhaha. naiya tayah nak jeles sgt eh. org tu slalu dating jgk :P

Lidya said...

oii kenapa akak taktau

storyfromme said...

sedapnye kek secret recipe.

ra|nbOw said...

kak : huhu. bwk kek je. ngee. ta de mkn2 pun. lgpun korang sume keje! :(

kek mmg sedap! :D