Apr 4, 2011

red velvet, macaroons, and tau fu chicken with rice, all in a day.

as a food lover, i always have this kind of feeling when i will usually have an unusual level of food craving which could contribute to madness. hyperbole, i know :P but it is kinda true. i have a season of M&M craving, maggie goreng craving, Strawberry Rocky craving, yedda yedda, as time passed by. and I've been wanting to eat cupcakes, for quite a few months! and yesterday, around 2am, yes it was 2 in the morning, i took my phone and typed "naiya, esok 10am LRT damai". naek LRT je derrr, kanak-kanak riang lagi.

and i woke up, and the next thing i know, i was walking in KLCC at 1030am! semangat kan! we were heading straight to Harrods since Naiya was craving for macaroons since ages! but then, macaroons tu still lagi dlm proses pembikinan! so, going upstairs, another 2 floors, and we ate cucpakes first! huh, RM5 each. but, u know, because i want it so badlyyy, i dont care much about the price.

before ni, i was wondering my entire life, how does Red Velvet taste like?
and it was, PERFECTTTTT, TEMPTING, with that cheesy icing cream. oh gosh.

we actually couldnt wait any longer!

but yes, we have to taste every single bite of it lah kan, memandangkan ia SEDAP!

see, i told ya, we finished it all in a blink of an eye. with a face of satisfaction :P

it was like a 2 hours of eating. we were just talking, walking around, eat eat eat eat eat. lepas tu rase mcm nak makan ayam penyet, tapi nak makan nasi dlm kuali juga. pusing lagi satu foodcourt. last-last naiya pun ikut sama makan nasi dlm kuali. :P

mine - tau fu chicken. my no1 fav menu in KLCC's food court.

naiya's - cantonese kuey teow.

and finally we went to Harrods again, for the third time. Even the chef could recognize us and thank us for being patience to wait for the macaroons. he did mentioned about the price before, 6pieces = RM 15 and now currently increasing to 6pieces = RM 18. yup, mahal kan? tapi tak pelah demi kepuasan hati supaye tidak lagi menjerit jerit di status FB dan tidak lagi mengigau ketika tidur.

so we picked each flavor each and went out to the park!

they were just too adorable. macam dorayaki doraemon!

naiya's truly excitement face.

macaroons are too cute, and yet, too sweet. :P

and we went home around 1pm. i went straight to pertama complex & sogo with mama, abah & kma. and lastly, teman kma pergi shah alam. sampai rumah rasa penat nak mati TAPI puas hati nak mati dapat makan semua ni, tapi serius aa, teringat-ingat cupcakes & macaroons! i want moreeeee.


Nufaz said...

masyaAllah... qila... u chantek sgt dear.
mcm mana pakai tudung? ajar la. nak chantek mcm u jugak. hehehe.

syakey said...

kiuttt nya macaroons tu. kecik upanya. ada size beso?


ra|nbOw said...

teha : hehe. mcm mane nak ajar? wuwuwu. moh la jumpe!!! qla blaja pun try sendiri lepas tgk combination video maria elena + fatin suhana. huhu.

syakey : itulah kecik je! tataw ade besor tak. so far yg sis jmpe sumeee kcik. huhu

nadya ajhman said...

sgt perfect!!walaupun hanya 2 jam tp..dpat mkn mcm2 smbil borak mcm2..sgtt2 puas hati...!!mau lagi..yukk2? thank u so much dear for the very sweett moment.. =)

ra|nbOw said...

haha. finaz ade mesti lg best kan. welcome babeh :) my pleasure syg!

nadya ajhman said...

yup2..tggu fynaz balik nnti kite kuar cari makan lagi..huhuu.. cant wait!