Apr 25, 2011

middle age kid pictures, and bad news.

as i promised before... :)

evening! and assalamualaikum.

i received a big, important, bad news today... i am upset. frustrated, to be specific. i really am. indeed, i really, truly do. i have no more tears to cry for this particular reason. i just, lost hope. i just, i don't have the strength to disappoint mama and abah again. not even this time. haih.

there's a thing, this one thing, i want so bad in life, so bad, that i will do anything for it, so bad, that i can not, i can never never, buy with money, so bad that i could only pray and hope i would be selected. but, i just don't. guess i wasn't the lucky one... hurm. *redha* maafkan aqilah mama, abah.

it seems like i have to move on with another plan, the second plan, the one i would avoid the most in my entire life. but i just have to. Allah knows better.

by the way, here, are few pictures of my middle age as a kid! :D

i was 4 or 5 by that time.
abah baru balik dr bosnia. alhamdulilah, abah selamat di medan peperangan.

dulu, semua pun suka pakai gelang hitam tu kan. :P
ni muka merajuk ke muka mamai, tak ingt.

i was at the airport.
see, dari kecik suka senyum iklan gigi :D

bukti anak tunggal pun pandai lipat kain.

mata i memang bulat.
wkt sekolah org ckp mcm ikan emas. dkt MRSM pun, ada org ckp mata nak tersembur.
eleh, dengki gilaaa. skrng semua pun nak mata bulat sbb nak tiru korea. wekk!

celebrate birthday dkt rumah pengasuh.

tadika. :)

raya pakai beg dinner mama youuu.
kira duit raya. ngeee.

entahlah, somehow when i recently, look at all these old pictures, and look at that little girl, somehow, me myself, i can't even believe that innocent, happy, little girl......... was ME.

tak pe lah. sabar je lah. sabar sabar sabar. percaya, Allah has a better plan for each of us. ;')


Nufaz said...

comelnye qila.... :D

ra|nbOw said...

haha. semua budak pun comel! :)

.Nora Kacak. said...

kejap! apa benda yg bad things tuh? telllllllllllllllll meeeeeeeeeeee..

ra|nbOw said...

haha. someday awk taw jgk!

storyfromme said...

comel la qila.

ra|nbOw said...

hehe. wkt kecik sume comel :)