Apr 29, 2011

2011, year of saying 'i do' ???

assalamualaikum, 12:49 am, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY ABAHHH!!! :D I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, ALLAH KNOWS HOW!

very short post. suddenly, i do feel like this year, is the year of marriage, the year of wedding, the year of saying i do. :) Especially when it comes to Prince Williams & Kate, this 29th april 2011. it's abah's birthday by the way. oh yes, it is TODAY. half decade since abah was born, and a special date, that i believe everyone in this whole world will bear in mind and can't wait for the royal wedding. aite?

by the way. i am 22 this year. 22, a graduated diploma holder, with no permanent job. :P and i found out, a lot of my friends are getting married this year. just check out my FB!

my gf, naiya --- LIKE 'wedding guide asia' :P
oh yes, she is engaged by the way. it's her turns soon!

and let see. 15th June 2011 - ecah's wedding.
my collegemate.

5th june 2011 - khuzaimah.
a classmate when i was 15.

Jannah's wedding - 15th July 2011.

senior, a writer, someone to adore. :)

okayyy. that is, like, erm... okayyy, I AM GETTING OLDER and i have to take act more like an adult! that was the 1st thing on my mind.

and i have to admit, there are a lot of wedding songs lately! FEW of them;

Colbie Caillat - I Do
Bruno Mars - Marry Me
Taylor Swift - Speak Now

okay friends, whose next? :P


ainaaamira. said...

haha. lagi satu. train - marry me jugak. :D

Shafinaz Maruai said...

ala, mcm xde peluang je nak ckp 'i do' :'(

nadiaizzah said...


ra|nbOw said...

ainaa : HAHA. tu la ak rase cam ade missing je lg. ngee.

bbe : haha. kte 2 lambat lg. bkn 2011!


nadya ajhman said...

2011-tahun bahagiakah??hehe..
waa..siap buh bukti lg tuu..haha.. x bley bla.. :p

ra|nbOw said...

hahahhaha. haruslah. naiya pemangkin post nih. haha

storyfromme said...

fad tak habis blaja lagi.tak boleh cakap i do :(

ra|nbOw said...

fad : ahha. kalau nak jgk, blaja pun boley :P