Apr 29, 2011

2011, year of saying 'i do' ???

assalamualaikum, 12:49 am, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY ABAHHH!!! :D I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, ALLAH KNOWS HOW!

very short post. suddenly, i do feel like this year, is the year of marriage, the year of wedding, the year of saying i do. :) Especially when it comes to Prince Williams & Kate, this 29th april 2011. it's abah's birthday by the way. oh yes, it is TODAY. half decade since abah was born, and a special date, that i believe everyone in this whole world will bear in mind and can't wait for the royal wedding. aite?

by the way. i am 22 this year. 22, a graduated diploma holder, with no permanent job. :P and i found out, a lot of my friends are getting married this year. just check out my FB!

my gf, naiya --- LIKE 'wedding guide asia' :P
oh yes, she is engaged by the way. it's her turns soon!

and let see. 15th June 2011 - ecah's wedding.
my collegemate.

5th june 2011 - khuzaimah.
a classmate when i was 15.

Jannah's wedding - 15th July 2011.

senior, a writer, someone to adore. :)

okayyy. that is, like, erm... okayyy, I AM GETTING OLDER and i have to take act more like an adult! that was the 1st thing on my mind.

and i have to admit, there are a lot of wedding songs lately! FEW of them;

Colbie Caillat - I Do
Bruno Mars - Marry Me
Taylor Swift - Speak Now

okay friends, whose next? :P

Apr 27, 2011

small birthday surprise to put a smile on his face.

assalamualaikum! :) good morning!

i haven't sleep yet, and it is now 4:15am. ngee. just a little quick post. yesterday, 26th of april 2011, was namin's birthday. i currently had no car to drive on my own, since my cousin used mine for the time being, so, i have to asked kma to sent me to namin's house. it wasn't actually a birthday surprise since he is aware of me coming to his house, to lend him my scanner & in the other hand, to accompany & help him to finish up his model for his FYP as a interior design student.

and so, i bought a cake --- cheeze choc at Wangsa Walk's secret recipe, and arrived at his house around 11am. since it is weekdays, as i was expecting, they were only 4 of us - namin. mama. ayah. and me. unfortunately, his sisters & brother is not around to celebrate with us. :(

I asked him to help me to carry all my stuff, which are my laptop and scanner. And last but not least, his birthday cake! As soon as i took secret recipe's paper bag out of the car, he began to smile and said "eh, eh, eh, eh" HAHA. he just couldn't stop smiling! :D

simple birthday card from me.

and a cake.

a few BUM's shirts from mama & abah.

and this Puma's watch is from me... i'm glad that he loves it so much :)

i couldn't forget his smiling face. i just couldn't be more relief & happy too --- that he loves the cake, the shirts, and the watch. he keep on saying thank you, and look at me, smile, look at the presents again, look at me, and SMILEEEE. :D

he told me that he has no idea that i'm going to give him a watch as a bday present, and he just really do appreciate and love it. by the way, i logged in to his ebay account, and checked out his 'watch list', something quite close to wishlist, and that is how i found out he was looking for a watch!

happy birthday namin!!!

very excited face :P

namin and his mama ayah

we ate few slices of cake for a few minutes, and he continue to settle down his final project, non stop, until now. yes until 4:40am, NOW, he's still at UPM doing his model & panel.

i helped him to scan and translated a few words. print out his panel. bought some spray. and went to UPM, accompanied him at the studio until 2am, which is 2 hours ago. tskkk.

this is what his model looks-alike. almost done!

the truth is, he only spent less than an hour for his birthday today to unwrapped the gifts and ate a slice of cake. kesian kan! sabor je lah, adatlah student semester akhir.

okay till then, i gotta get some sleep. it is almost 5am. take care!

Apr 25, 2011

middle age kid pictures, and bad news.

as i promised before... :)

evening! and assalamualaikum.

i received a big, important, bad news today... i am upset. frustrated, to be specific. i really am. indeed, i really, truly do. i have no more tears to cry for this particular reason. i just, lost hope. i just, i don't have the strength to disappoint mama and abah again. not even this time. haih.

there's a thing, this one thing, i want so bad in life, so bad, that i will do anything for it, so bad, that i can not, i can never never, buy with money, so bad that i could only pray and hope i would be selected. but, i just don't. guess i wasn't the lucky one... hurm. *redha* maafkan aqilah mama, abah.

it seems like i have to move on with another plan, the second plan, the one i would avoid the most in my entire life. but i just have to. Allah knows better.

by the way, here, are few pictures of my middle age as a kid! :D

i was 4 or 5 by that time.
abah baru balik dr bosnia. alhamdulilah, abah selamat di medan peperangan.

dulu, semua pun suka pakai gelang hitam tu kan. :P
ni muka merajuk ke muka mamai, tak ingt.

i was at the airport.
see, dari kecik suka senyum iklan gigi :D

bukti anak tunggal pun pandai lipat kain.

mata i memang bulat.
wkt sekolah org ckp mcm ikan emas. dkt MRSM pun, ada org ckp mata nak tersembur.
eleh, dengki gilaaa. skrng semua pun nak mata bulat sbb nak tiru korea. wekk!

celebrate birthday dkt rumah pengasuh.

tadika. :)

raya pakai beg dinner mama youuu.
kira duit raya. ngeee.

entahlah, somehow when i recently, look at all these old pictures, and look at that little girl, somehow, me myself, i can't even believe that innocent, happy, little girl......... was ME.

tak pe lah. sabar je lah. sabar sabar sabar. percaya, Allah has a better plan for each of us. ;')

Apr 22, 2011


it's 1 of my favorite song. i love it from the 1st moment i terdgr dkt radio lg, pdhal x dpt tngkp pun lg full lyrics die. by the way, bace lirik ni, especially ladies ;)

"Perfect Nightmare" - Shontelle

Sometimes we fight, sometimes I cry, Why don't I just tell him goodbye
Sometimes I should, but sometimes I don't
Build up the strength to say that it's wrong
Sometimes I hate, sometimes I love, Sometimes I hurt, sometimes I don't
Sometimes I wait for him to change. But it's okay, I've disguised the pain
And I don't ever wanna leave him alone
They say I'm brainwashed but I'm in love with this man, yeahh

Keep telling myself that it's not worth it. I already know I don't deserve it
But if it's from you I don't mind hurting. This is my perfect nightmare
So when will I wake up and scream
No way, no way, no way,No way, no way, no way, no way
But if it's from you I don't mind hurting
This is my perfect nightmare, perfect nightmare

Sometimes I keep my cool, sometimes I let him know
Sometimes I even pack my bags to walk out the door
Sometimes I feel safe, sometimes I really don't
Sometimes I promise that I'm ready to let him go
But I don't ever wanna leave him alone
They say I'm brainwashed but I'm in love with this man, oh oooh

Hoping he's changing, but I'm scared he's not
Can't see a way to leave, help me open my eyes

by the way, kalau korang bercinta. selalunya kita dengar, orang kata, siapa yg mintak putus tu 'memang kejam, sellfish, tak guna punya jantan/betina, ada orang lain lah tuh, dan lain-lain.' kan kan? lebih-lebih lagi, baru je putus, tengok orang tu dah ade bf/gf baru. perghhh. kalau single pun, tgk dia happy je, pdhal kita menonggeng-nonggeng ditinggalkan. memang rasa sakit hati nak cekik, bomoh je orang tu kan? pfttt.

tapi. bukan nak membuka pekung di dada, just, sekarang dah kali ke 4 sy serius bercinta. dan, 3 orang sebelum ni, semua sy yg minta putus. satu je sy nak cakap. --- kita tak tahu mungkin dia ada sebab yg kukuh utk putuskan hubungan. so, jangan terlalu melulu tuduh org ni tak guna, dan pentingkan diri.

depan sy maybe nampak happy. tapi belakang, sy menangis seorang, tuhan je tahu. sy minta putus, mcm tak de jln penyelesaian. tapi sy je tahu sy buat mcm tu sebab sy dah cuba yg terbaik utk hubungan tu. sy yg tak nak teruskan rasa sayang tu, tapi kadang sy buat tu sebab nak dia gembira, dan sy lihat dr jauh, cukup. mungkin ada banyak sebab. sy sakit nak mati ke, sy tahu dia ada perempuan yang lebih baik dan itu terbukti ke. siapa tahu kan? tak kan lah kita nak bagitau 1 dunia. oh pleaseee~~~ bunyinya cliche, macam drama berisiri, tapi tu realiti.

senang cerita. if kau tahu niat kau baik. kau tahu ni yg terbaik utk semua pihak, just go on dengan kepahitan tu. kau sabar je, kau tabah je, tutup telinga dengan makian dia, tutup telinga dengan anggapan buruk orang. Allah tunjuk kau baik ke buruk nanti, dan benda yang aku selalu percaya dari dulu sampai sekarang, yang benar tu memang akan menang... sooner or later.

perempuan ni. kalau yg jenis memang perempuan, which is bukan betina, kalau dia dah sayang kau sekali, dia akan sayang kau sampai bila-bila. maksudnya, sayang kau dengan cara berbeza walaupun mungkin takdir kau tak ada jodoh. jadi, kalau kau dah dapat perempuan yang cukup baik, yang sayangkan seadanya, ada 2 cara je. TAKE IT or LEAVE IT.

eh. ladies pun sama. dah dapat lelaki yang baik tu, hargailah okay ;)

Apr 21, 2011

pictures of me when i was a baby

heyyy :)

assalamualaikum! i've been bz and dissappearing these past few days. let me make it short

sunday ; i went to maybank malaysia open golf 2011 tournament in mont kiara, teman abah of course :) it was a very hot sunny day, and we walked about 10km for 2 hours. we stand all day okay. balik tu baru minum air sejuk... perghh nazak dah time tu. HAHA.

monday ; nothing much. stay at home

tuesday ; i went to lot 10, had a sauna/steam bath, and scrub all over my body, for almost half of the day. dah dekat 10 tahun tak masuk lot 10. sabar je lah.

wednesday ; did my laundry, drive to Kajang and met namin, had lunch, and did some preparation to surprise a guy i love the most. petang semlm kan hujan ribut dkt KL ni, makanya namin risau sy drive, last-last dia hantar balik rumah, and sy hantar dia ke LRT, dia balik naik train. kesiankan! T__T

today ; went to laow yat. i had my own scanner!!! thank you a billion mama & abah. 3 in 1 --- print scan copy. and sbb tu lah poyo nak scan semua gmbr waktu baby.

slowly, i learn to crawl.

baju kurung yg mama jahitkan sendiri.

and i'm getting taller... ;)

esok gambar wkt middle age plak eh. eh salah, middle kid age :P till then.

p/s; td lepas tengok semula semua gmbr ni, terus pergi cari mama, peluk mama. entah rasa makin syg plak dkt dia org ;')

Apr 17, 2011

very simple MUET tips!

hye assalamualaikum, selamat malam dear diary! :)

hidung kembang kempis, mata tersipu sipu nak buka, tanda mengantuk gilersss. where on earth have i been these past few days. let me think... erm. terlupa dah pun. okay hari ni dah tamat MUET 2011~ alhamdulilah. erm, serius utk siapa-siapa yg belum ambil, ia tak susah. i mean like, maybe lah permakahan dia strict or whatever, and my english pun, just okay-okay, which is not great, tp muet is most likely, erm... boleh lah. tak de lah cam 'omegod susah gileee' --- TIDAK.

few simple tips -
SPEAKING = dont freak out! and jgn nervous *tu jeee sempoi gileee*
LISTENING = 1st, read all those quest as much as u can, ada masa 1minit je. then, catch up betul2 part yg melibatkan soalan tuh.
WRITING = nothing much, essay english mmg sempoi, faberet sejak zaman spm, sbb blh karang macam-macam dan tajuk menarik. just task A, based on graph/chart. task B - normal essay.
READING = bace, faham, jawab soklan. jwpn die mmg lebih kurang, and masa die terhaddd! so, spend ur time wisely and choose the best perfect answer!

cakap bnyk pun tak gune. tunggu result keluar nanti baru aku taw langit tinggi rendah kan. T__T i was hoping for at least band 4. tapi kalau dpt band 3 pun dah lega. band 5 itu bonus, alhamdulilah. band 6? kenduri nasi ayam :D

essay td ckp 'at least 350 words'. aku bantai lebih 600 words. tak sedar pun menulis. sebab tajuk dia best. --- the most valuable thing in life is friendship. Discuss. :)))

by the way esok kena bangun pagi lagi sebab temam abah pergi tgk golf tournament - Malaysia Maybank Open 2011. dkt mont kiara. ada world no 1 golf player woo. till then, good nite!

Apr 11, 2011

sayang, ada masanya kita perlu berdiri utk diri sendiri

asssalamualaikum wbt. :)

kadang sy mulakan dgn assalamualaikum wbt, bukan sbb tiru fatin liyana. jauh sekali. atau mungkin tiru benda yang baik. sy lupa kot, maksud dia "sejahtera ke atas kamu". Kita doakan kesejahteraan dan keselamatan org lain. benda yang baik sebenarnya. sebab tu saya cuba amalkan sejak tahun 2011 ni. tapi biasalah, nak biasakan diri buat benda yang baik, kadang-kadang selalu terlupa. orang lain pun mungkin ada yang tertawa. adatlah dunia, kita berbuat baik pun salah, buat jahat apa tah lagi.

Alhamdulilah selesai sudah MUET speaking yeay yeay yeay! ape nak yeay sgt, result tak keluar pun lg. exam tak habis lagi qilaahhhhh. well, alhamdulilah i met a lot of sweet new girlfriends, budak kecik baru 20tahun, tgh belajar dkt UTM mostly. mereka malu-malu tp gila, macam sy. i was the 1st candidate of 2nd group. so i have to make a kickstart of the day, and not to forget, the conclusion of the discussion as well. it was okay. okay-okay je sbb u know, i was nervous, so, i did pause a few seconds, ehhh everyone did lah! so no worries. *eceh, sedapkan hati sendiri.* but we made it anyway! :)

basically the MUET test is super duper easyyyyy. Ya Allah, it was a very simple topic, used a lot of common knowledge and ur POV(point of view). lucky for us. tapi itulah sy rasa rugi nak mati sbb nervous so macam ade mcm blank, eh bkn blank, ayat terulang bnda yg sama, but i did managed to support my group and came out with a conclusion. okay lah kan? insya Allah. i hope so. good luck adek-adek! kte jmpe lg sabtu niiii!

i've been bz lately. not doing much. it was just me spending my time on my own, with my family most of the time. and doing my silly stuff. eat foods i love. oh yar, i bought my baju raya already. HAHAHAHA. mama suruh rembat, rembat je lah. tgh SALE, so penjimatan lebih hebat. why not? and ye ketat cukup2 je bile pakai, tp itu tandanya kena kurus sikit, since i've been putting so much weight lately. about 3kgs for these past few weeks, i believe.
okay. back to serious matter. 1st of all. i'm SORRY for ---
1 - not replying your message. sbb i cpt pening SMS sambil buat kerja. melambatkan kerja.
2 - and this post, is not related to anyone. it was just me feels like, writing it all down.

kalaulah ade yg perasan, kalaulah ade yg bace blog ni dari dulu, kalau ada lah. sbb selalu org yg follow blog kita nih, selalu dia tak baca pun. dia follow je. TAPI org yg tak follow, dan jadi silent reader, haaaa tu yg pembaca setia. ohhhh i do feel that is ironic. :) *peace*

sekarang tgh pasang headphone. duduk atas lantai, depan laptop. hujan lebat. kilat sabung menyabung. dengar lagu... hurm. sy sebenarnya penakut. yup, sy mengaku dan dah lama mengaku. sy penakut, sy sgt tak yakin dgn diri sendiri. sy selalu dibayangi bayang-bayang ketakutan, which is memang digelar pengecut lah kan, sbb takut dengan bayang-bayang sendiri. sy takut nak tgk cerita sedih, sy takut nak dengar lagu sedih cinta cintun, sy takut nak buat benda yang saya rasa tak boleh buat. sy takut dan kadang sy tak mencuba pun. menyedihkan.

sebab tu sy tak tengok cerita korea. sy benci dan bosan dengan cerita cinta karut yang tak habis-habis penuh dengan air mata. sebab tu sy tak ikut cerita indonesia atau filipina, tak habis-habis dengan orang jahat atau lebih kepada duri dalam daging. penatlah dengan air mata, kepura-puraan dan kebencian yang tak habis-habis tu. tapi siapa yang minat, sy faham je. jalan cerita best, tempat dating comel-comel, hero heroin yang sweet dan cute. eheh. chill okay. it was just me, being totally coward and not really yet, open my mind up.

sy jenis perempuan yg, tak suka nak menggedik. sbb tu sy tak suka kalau ada perempuan gedik. i mean, ladies, perempuan pun tak respect you all, mcm mane laki nak respect you all then? haih. think about that twice or millions time. sy jenis perempuan yg, kalau berjalan, sy pandang ke depan, tidak kepada orang sekeliling. sy tak suka memerhati, dan tak suka diperhati. sy lebih suka memerhati secara jauh, dan random. bukan sentiasa mendabik dada. sy bukan. kalau sy jalan seorang, kepala tunduk, kaki ke depan. sy memang jenis mengalihkan pandangan. kecuali. dengan orang yang saya selesa. dengan orang yang buat saya sayang dia...

sy manja. sy tahu. manja di sini maksudnya mengada dengan orang yang saya selesa dan sayang. keluarga, BFF, cinta. mengada di sini bukan mengada "youuu, i nak tuuu, kalau you tak bagi, you tak sayang i" BUKAN. sy mengada bila sy jadi malas, sy suka org lain buatkan sesuatu yang kecil, tapi sweet utk sy macam, "baby tolong ambilkan air!" dan sy tersenyum gembira bila org-org yg sy syg tu tolong penuhi permintaan sy. kadang sy lupa nak cakap terima kasih. tapi senyuman tu, tanda sy gembira. sy manja bila benda yang kecil pun sy nak bagitahu 1 dunia. sy manja bila sy selalu buat tanda "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" panjang-panjang utk benda remeh. macam gedik, tapi tidak.tapi. malas saya. mengada saya. tak bermakna saya ni hanya anak perempuan kecil.

sy suka dibawa ke mana-mana. tapi sy tak perlukan simpati, sy tak perlukan orang merungut melayan sy. sy tak perlukan org terpaksa. sy malas masak, tapi sy boleh pergi ke JJ sendiri, beli makanan dengan duit sendiri yang berapa sen tu, dan boleh masak sendiri utk makan sendiri. sy malas nak drive, setahun boleh kira berapa kali sy drive, tapi kalau sy jelek dengar mulut-mulut org yg tak boleh ditutup, sy masih boleh isi minyak sendiri, bawa kereta sendiri, di lorong paling kanan, tanpa di-hon atau dicucuk dr belakang. sebab utama sy paling takut nak drive sendiri adalah sy fobiaaa dengan peragut, dengan samseng jalanan, dengan penyimbah asid. ye, sy penakut.

sy suka dilayan, dimanja, dijaga. sy menurut kata. tapi sy perempuan yg masih belajar berdikari, dan sy degil. lembut hati sy pun, keras lagi dalamnya. sy perempuan yg cepat tercabar. sy belajar bersabar, ikut selagi sy mampu, tapi kalau sampai masa, cukup. sy ada cara sendiri, peribadi sendiri, dan sy bukan perempuan bodoh yg sanggup menangis sepanjang hayat kerana mengenang nasib malang yang dipilih sendiri dan merintih meminta pada orang lain. jujur sy muak tengok perempuan yang menangis dan hidup susah atas kebodohan diri sendiri, atas kesilapan diri sendiri membuta tuli membuat keputusan dalam hidup. sy simpan semua dalam-dalam, sy lepaskan dengan cara lain. tak memudaratkan orang lain, cukup memudaratkan diri sendiri je. cukup bagus tak menyusahkan orang lain. jadi jangan tuduh orang diam tu, pengecut.

sy tak suka nak drive dengan ada orang lain dlm kereta. sy risau keselamatan org lain. tak ada seorang pun ahli keluarga yg pernah naik kereta, dan sy drive. mereka selalu ckp sy paling berhemah, paling slow. eheh, malangnya mereka tak kenal lagi :) sy jenis perempuan yg straight forward. suka melengahkan kerja, cepat mengambil serius sesuatu perkara, tapi itu saya. i'm a well planned modern women. haven't u met one before? :P i'm stick to my decision. i'm stick to my target. i'm stick to what i want. sy hangat-hangat tahi ayam, tapi 1 tahap, si penakut ini akan berdiri, and, "THIS IS IT". enough is enough. let's move! sy biasa-biasa. i prefer to stay that way. tak over-exposed. dan tak juga terlalu down to earth. i love to see beautiful people with a great attitude, i adore them, but i got my unique personality too.

when i said NO, then, NEVER. no matter what happened. girls and boys, say something like you mean it! stop nak rasa bersalah kalau berterus terang. sbb kalau tak berterus terang, sampai bila orang tu tak tahu kebenaran. kebenaran tu kan selalu menyakitkan, tapi itu yang akan memberi kekuatan. lupa ke? ramai orang bijak mengatakan --- kalau bukan dari kegagalan, kita tak akan belajar berdiri semula. so, let it all out. memang kita kene fikirkan perasaan orang lain, tapi ada masanya kena fikirkan perasaan sendiri juga. sebab ada satu tahap, tak da siapa akan fikir perasaan kita kalau bukan diri kita sendiri. kalau dia boleh ego, sy pun boleh ego. kalau dia degil, sy pun boleh degil.

ingat pepatah melayu - jangan pandang sebelah mata, air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya. and dear ppl, stand for yourself. walk like you are running over the rainbow. ;)

Apr 8, 2011

disney princess

kalau dulu otak si kecil ini pernah berangan-berangan nak masuk syurga sebab nak ada semuaaaa baju princess-princess Disney. sebab dulu mama kata, "kalau buat baik, masuk syurga, boleh dapat apa kita nak". bersinar-sinar mata si kecil ni dan terus berazam... "kalau saya masuk syurga, saya nak semua baju princess disney. betul semuanya ada?" tersenyum si ibu.

oh tapi hakikatnya time tu otak cetek, maka abaikan saja angan si kecil itu. eheh. tapi dulu waktu kecik memang suka sangat tgk cite kartun, especially disney lah kan. sampai ade video tape, yg boleh rosak berkulat, lepas tu cuci video player banyak kali pasal nak tengok video cite kartun disney. terpengaruh sangatlah kan sampai azam hingusan nak baju disney bebanyak kalau masuk syurga nanti ;')

tapi memang tak dapat dinafikan disney punye kartun sampai skrng pun kalau ade dkt wyg, mesti mau tonton pnye sbb selalunye mmg best & klako! dah berpuluh tahun tp disney masih maintain, kalau tak masakan ade Disneyland yg menjadi kegilaan ramai kanak-kanak dan org dewasa. okay hari ni nak summarize sikit princess-princess disney yg utame.

snow shite. aurora (sleeping beauty). jasmine (aladdin). ariel (mermaid). beauty. cinderella

dulu dalam antara 6 cite puteri-puteri ni, paling sukeee ade 3. serius tataw nak pilih mane no1 antare 3 cite nih. 3 cite nih - cinderella + sleeping beauty + beauty & the beast. cite paling ta suke snow white. eh jgn salah faham, tak suke tu maksudnye tak fanatik lahh. kang ade peminat snow white boo plak. tskkk. erm, kurang minat snow white, entah? sebab rambut die x panjang kot. haha. pemikiran budak kecik time tuh macam tuh :P tapi snow white pun lawak sbb ade 7 org kerdil tuh!

cinderella. sampai ada cite Melayu buat cam cite cinderella ni kan. well, aku paling ske tikus-tikus tuh. siap pandai buat baju utk cinderella! comelll gileee. cindrella ni yg ade mak tiri and 2 org adek beradek tiri yg jahat nak mati tuh. tp in the end dpt gak die kawin dgn putera lepas jumpe kasut yg matching dgn kaki cinderella tu! dah name pun fairy tale an. mestilah ending "they live happily forever and after"


lepas tu suke burung hantu pun sebab tgk burung hantu dlm cite sleeping beauty. boleh? sleeping beauty ni plak cite yg anak raja kene sumpah akan mati pd hari lahir yg ke-16. ahli sihir yg jahat, mmg ske menyumpah kan. oleh itu kurangkanlah menyumpah :P

lepas tu, aurora (puteri) ni pun mmg disumpah wkt umur 16. die pengsan sampailah putera die selamatkan die. actually putera dah pernah jumpa dia waktu dia lahir dulu, tp mana nak ingtkan. but, itulah org kata kalau jodoh tak ke mane. sumpahan pun berjaye dikalahkan. hebatnya cinta!

sleeping beauty

and the 3rd, beauty and the beast. yang ni memang sdeyh aa skit. sobbb. tp cite ni mmg bg aku antare yg mcm, memang mendalam la. ni baru cinta sejati. ini pun mcm gabungan cinderella + sleeping beauty sbb ada 2 org kakak yg annoying, + ada sumpahan-sumpahan.

and aku benci gile dgn mamat poyo bajet hensem dlm cite nih!

beauty and the beast

mermaid pun aku suke... tapi antare 6 org puteri ni, aku rase cerita ni paling aku tak boleh tengok sebab aku rasa cerita ni paling sedih. sebab ariel ikan duyung, sanggup hilang suara sebab nak pergi naik ke darat nak jumpa putera dia.

tapi ahli sihir tu jahat. putera tu terpedaya. tu aku sedih tuh. sobbb. tapi cite nih tetap comel sebab ade ketam yg bnyk mulut and ikan kuning comel gile tuhhh!!! :)

aladdin kire aku biase-biase ah. hehe. tapi selalunya cite camnih, yg 1st ori version nih je best. maksud aku, kan ade cinderella 2, beauty and the beast 2, tp cam kureng. sbb tu org kate ape tuh, yg 1st mmg selalunye yg plg best. betul betul betul.

actually. aku nak buat post pasal aku berangan kalau masuk syurga dpt baju gown cam die org ni. da meleret jadi pasal princess-princess disney. haha. ape pun sampai skrng pun, kalau ade cite nih dkt disney channel. aku nak tgk punye! ohhh, astro dkt rumah ni ada disney channel pun, utk aku je ;')

Apr 6, 2011

the reason why i suddenly disappear, i got a bunch of things to do at home.

okay it is now 120am, i really need to shut down my laptop as soon as possible and sleep before 2am! tomorrow gonna be a big day. eh tak la big sgt pun. ada interview, tapi relax je kan? baju pun tak decide lagi. yer, jgn contohi. oh yar, regarding to the title above it is actually, kalau tetbe i tgh SMS dgn u, then tetbe i senyap. serius i mintak maap tapi bukan saje bersikap kurang ajar, NO NO NO. ade 2 reason je. selalunya sbb tgh ada kerja nak buat, and jarang-jarang sebab tak da credit. tp insya Allah lepas tu akan muncul balik walaupun kadang maybe time tu korang dah membuta T____T.

as for yesterday, i got a wake up call from a company, dgn suara mamai yg di-cover tu, suruh dtg interview esok. main 'ha, ha' je sbb nasiblah company to dekat je dgn rumah. dkt KLCC. oh yup, KLCC dgn rumah i tak jauh mane u. hebat kan. tapi i tak hebatlah sbb i selalu pergi naik train je. wuwuwu.

okay, i bangun, siram pokok, bagi kucing makan, kemas rak pinggan, terus i tulis2 alamat dkt 3 sampul pos ekspress utk semua details i utk di pos ke IPTA yg i apply utk UPU. dan 3 lagi borang poslaju utk customer-customer i yg order shawls. alhamdulilah :)

then i da settle tu, i gunting guna gunting zig zag lagi, doa-doa yg i print dr internet. which are doa masuk tandas, keluar tandas, doa masuk rumah, keluar rumah je. then i letak double sided tape and tampal 1 rumah. rumah i ade 1 pintu rumah je, tapi toilet ada 5. so bayangkan je lah ye benda ni pun ambil mase utk i buat tadi. tapi tak pe, at least benda yg mendatangkan pahala utk semua ;)

lepas tu i kacau cousin i si kma tu tidur, dia mandi, then kita orang makan! habis makan, around 1pm macam tu i terus tolong tanda kertas exam anak murid mama. kertas akaun youuu. huh. penat kot, sebab ramai, dalam 40++ murid, and ade banyak bahagian. so it took me hours, about 2-3 hours.

then around 5pm, i berjaya siapkan, and mama sgt happy. hehe. banyak juga i tolong, sbb tak boleh lah i tlg semua kan. i bukan cikgu. then i terus mandi cepat-cepat, sebab namin on the way. dah seminggu tak jumpa! huhu. itu pun sebab hari ni family die jemput utk celebrate bday mama namin. :) so sampai area Balakong tu pun da 8 something jugakla. sebab i pergi print out my resume, fotostat few things jgklah before straight to his house. plus, taw je lah MRR2 punya jalan kan. jemmmm.

cupcakes red velvet ;')

airyn, anak buah namin yg mmg COMEL GILEEEE.

happy birthday auntie! moga Allah permudahkan segalanya :)

the whole big family. uncle, auntie.
along. angah. abg boi. namin. and kanak2 jugak!

with me and kak rena ada dlm gmbr plak ;)
kak rena tunang abg boi.

hehe. mak dgn anak duduk gaya sama!

mula mula cam segan jgk. but then enjoy, sebab ketawa tak ingat lah kan bila dah ramai-ramai. lagipun dia orang baik-baik je. and serius kenyang gila, perut full. tapi semua tgh gila makan kuaci. dari i yg malas nak mengunyah da, terus mengunyah sekali. hehe. thank you auntie uncle, angah along, namin semua. i did enjoy myself there ;)

see. penuh je jadual walaupun org kata duduk rumah je kan. i got my stuff to do. i got family to care about. i got cute cats to hug and cuddling with. i got little blogshop to handle with. and, sorry again, if i accidentally tak dpt puaskan hati semua org.

eheh. :) okay dah lewat, good nite and sweet dream, take care then!

Apr 4, 2011

red velvet, macaroons, and tau fu chicken with rice, all in a day.

as a food lover, i always have this kind of feeling when i will usually have an unusual level of food craving which could contribute to madness. hyperbole, i know :P but it is kinda true. i have a season of M&M craving, maggie goreng craving, Strawberry Rocky craving, yedda yedda, as time passed by. and I've been wanting to eat cupcakes, for quite a few months! and yesterday, around 2am, yes it was 2 in the morning, i took my phone and typed "naiya, esok 10am LRT damai". naek LRT je derrr, kanak-kanak riang lagi.

and i woke up, and the next thing i know, i was walking in KLCC at 1030am! semangat kan! we were heading straight to Harrods since Naiya was craving for macaroons since ages! but then, macaroons tu still lagi dlm proses pembikinan! so, going upstairs, another 2 floors, and we ate cucpakes first! huh, RM5 each. but, u know, because i want it so badlyyy, i dont care much about the price.

before ni, i was wondering my entire life, how does Red Velvet taste like?
and it was, PERFECTTTTT, TEMPTING, with that cheesy icing cream. oh gosh.

we actually couldnt wait any longer!

but yes, we have to taste every single bite of it lah kan, memandangkan ia SEDAP!

see, i told ya, we finished it all in a blink of an eye. with a face of satisfaction :P

it was like a 2 hours of eating. we were just talking, walking around, eat eat eat eat eat. lepas tu rase mcm nak makan ayam penyet, tapi nak makan nasi dlm kuali juga. pusing lagi satu foodcourt. last-last naiya pun ikut sama makan nasi dlm kuali. :P

mine - tau fu chicken. my no1 fav menu in KLCC's food court.

naiya's - cantonese kuey teow.

and finally we went to Harrods again, for the third time. Even the chef could recognize us and thank us for being patience to wait for the macaroons. he did mentioned about the price before, 6pieces = RM 15 and now currently increasing to 6pieces = RM 18. yup, mahal kan? tapi tak pelah demi kepuasan hati supaye tidak lagi menjerit jerit di status FB dan tidak lagi mengigau ketika tidur.

so we picked each flavor each and went out to the park!

they were just too adorable. macam dorayaki doraemon!

naiya's truly excitement face.

macaroons are too cute, and yet, too sweet. :P

and we went home around 1pm. i went straight to pertama complex & sogo with mama, abah & kma. and lastly, teman kma pergi shah alam. sampai rumah rasa penat nak mati TAPI puas hati nak mati dapat makan semua ni, tapi serius aa, teringat-ingat cupcakes & macaroons! i want moreeeee.

Apr 3, 2011

i have to handle this emotional feelings wiser.

i selalu buka blog, nak type separuh je, padam balik... berjuta lemon kali dah jadi. sebab nak cakap n tulis banyak benda lepas tu tataw nak mula dekat mana.

eh 1st of all i would like to welcome a new reader of my blog - Mr Mohd Amin. ABAH STALKER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... malu lah saya. tahu tak malu segan gila tak tahu nak tutup muka dekat mana sebab last-last abah juga yg akan saya jumpa bila saya nak itu ini, dan nak mengadu itu ini. sungguh la abah tak da kerja pergi google nama aqilah! :P oh abah, ada beberapa benda abah perlu tahu. *selalu abah baca blog bila anak dia bukakan je, ni dia dah pandai google sendiri dkt office*

sy = saya.

pftttt = mengeluh atau menganjing diri sendiri.

:P = tanda jelir lidah ye abah!

:D = tanda sengih nampak gigi. HAHA

;') = tanda terharu!

btw = by the way

well, based on the tiltle above, yes i have to handle 2 kids on my own which are sugar & pepper. Ya Allah tuhan je tahu bertapa sayangnye i dekat depa. mereka terpaling handsome, kacak, comel, gebu, semua semua lah. sanggup i tahan bersin hari-hari semata-mata nak peluk cium mereka! ;')

selalunya depa je lah yg teman dkt rumah ni bila semua orang tak da. btw, sebenarnya semalam mengigau-ngigau pepper mati. WAAAAAAAA. i terjaga sebab i menangis dalam tidur tu, i menangis betul-betul. kiranya ada air mata, i tengah tersedu-sedu, sebab tu i terjaga.

SUGAR - tak perlulah gojes nak mati rase nak lepok lepok kan.

PEPPER - suka urut, suka hidu kembang kempis hidung. hahahahahaha.

actually, hari ni mereka berdua dimandulkan. which is called tasi / kasi. tak sure. teruk gile kan, yar, i know. huhu. and and, i nangis dari semalam, sampai hari ni tadi sebab risau nak mati. sabar je lah. ni pun nak nangis lagi sebab tengok sugar & pepper mamai2 sebab kesan ubat bius. lembik je lagi, makan pun tak selera. harap-harap cepatlah sembuh plz plz plz. :(

lepas tu hari ni supposed to be jumpa namin. tapi dia demam sampai kena buat blood test, lagilah i risau nak mati, emosional tak tentu. namin kalau demam, memang teruk. oh ye abah, namin tu nabil. hua3. hua3 tu gelak ye abah. nasib baiklah tadi petang i dapat jumpe gf i, nangis depan dia, and cerita itu ini dengan dia. lega sikit. naiya! iloveyou lah naiya. i msg dia suruh dia dtg rumah. naiya datang 2 jam pun jadilah. thank you so much gf!

oh by the way, faris baru balik dari Taiwan & Hong Kong kan. i nak pilih keychain pun lebih setengah jam cuz semuanya cantik-cantik! :D thank you brother!

oh ye, last post i ada cakap nak kemas bilik sikit kan, sebab faris nak balik. ni lah guest room yg kecik, i kemas. sekali die tidur guest room yg besar sebab nenek i tak de. memang sabor je lah kan. huhu.

and, i would like to thank everyone who always listen, whenever i need somebody. whenever i was at the bottom. those who near or far, i appreciate every single one of you. thanks love!