Mar 31, 2011

there's a benefit in insomnia, well, it depends.


see. i really can't sleep last night. and just now i woke up around 9am. i slept less than 4 hours. i made fried rice and finished at 4am. abah was surprised. eheh.

i had this kind of insomnia once in a while. it happened every year, every few months. it could be march-may, and sometimes sept-december. i am sleepy, yet exhausted, but i just can't close my eyes. now i do look like a panda with a hair like a lion. pftt.

yesterday i vacuumed faris's room. which is actually a small guest room. we have 2 guests room. and i guess i will change the bed sheet afterwards since he's coming back today. he has been to Taiwan & Hong Kong for the past 2weeks.

and perhaps i should take my bath by now, and re-arrange my closet as well. it was like a bunch or craps in a big solid box. i'll show the picture later on ;)

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