Feb 8, 2011

play the game

assalamualaikum :)

hey i just finished watching a movie recently, and i accidentally watch it, at first. i was sitting alone on the brown sofa, in front of the tv. keep pushing the remote's button, and walking around from the main hall to the kitchen, searching for some foods, (cehhh) since i didn't found anything interesting to watch. and the last channel was Hallmark, and a few minutes later, it seems like my body was glued to the sofa and my eyes were attached to the screen. BOLEH plak?

the movie was launched somewhere around 2008, correct me if i'm wrong. well it sorts of the guy was a real player, but he is nice & kind hearted. he met a girl, and he played the game, and suddenly he found out that --- SHE'S THE ONE! and the girl seems to be so cool, act like there's nothing happened. they were a good friend, and finally, when he confessed that he truly loves her, she left him with a reason --- YOU ARE NOT MY TYPE, because she was looking for a sincere guy, who would tell her that he loves her from the beginning.

that guy turns to be totally messed up, and yar, later on, life goes on. act like nothing happened, move on. he turns to be a better grown up guy. and they met again, at a laundry shop and... he said, (well yar a part of it lah!) ---

"when i met you, i was lost, and when i found you, i found me"

WAAAAAAAAAAAA. i wrote that down okay! hahahahahaha. lame, i know.

and at the end of the movie, well actually, the girl planned everything, and she's the one who attracted to that guy at the very first place. and she tried to change him to be a grown up guy, and so, she just play the game. :) and both are finally better & live happily ever after. ohh me goddd, well it knocks me off my feet. (sebak)

i tried to google all thos quotes from the movie, but it seems like i didn't find any. so here's a few that i managed to wrote down as a notes in my phone. LOL.

"are you a player or you were just playing?"

"if she's not interested in a man you used to be, she might be interested in then man you are"

"if you wanna win the game of love, you should stop playing games with the woman"

"i'm interested in you... more than a friend"

haih. *smiling* it obviously is not the type of movie i love to watch but i'm a normal person too. in fact i'm a girl! i can't always run. sometimes i have to look back and try to smile. and hoping and praying that nothing bitter from the past will happen again. and that sweet part, keep me going. :)

i do believe, somewhere somehow, someone who were made for you, is thinking of you, too.

right time, right place, there u'll be. --- "she / he is the one"


.Nora Kacak. said...

wahh! menarik! suka semua quotes tuh! thanks for sharing, nak tengok jugaklah nnt!

ra|nbOw said...

haha. best kan. laki dlm cite tuh, my type. handsome yg tak jambu, simple. wahhh. pmpuan pun comel. welcome :)

♥ iLi ♥ said...

play the game - i'm surely liking this movie. nak tgk ^^


ra|nbOw said...

hehe. go watch in DIVA :)