Dec 13, 2010

past few days includes yesterday

okay i'm gonna make it short, i need to rush to LCCT around 9am since i'm going to fetch sherry. just got back from melaka yesterday. and still, i need extra sleep :P

last friday, 10th december, i went to KLCC with leon & salghee. lunch, movie, that's it. simple but it means a lot to me, susah kot kte org nak jumpeeee!!! esp producer si leon tuh. hua3. thanks friends!

leon & salghee.

my soul to take. not bad.
bukan hantu, tp macam more to roh-roh & suspend la weyh!

12th december. sunday. went out, and tgk semuaaa movie best (narnia, rapunzel, etc) full the whole day, like all around KL. so, lunch at secret recipe, and then without a proper plan, went to malacca, just to eat asam pedas. yar. call me crazy. us. :P

so mmg tak bawak la camera kan, dgn simple nye, terus pergi lepas lunch. panas gile weyh melaka. panas sgt amat. sorrylah gambar camera 2.0 MP je!

minyak : RM 50
tol (2 ways) : RM 24.40
asam pedas (for 2 icludes drinks) : RM 17


oklah, mandi, siap, and nak pergi LCCT ambil sherry from Kelantan. take care!

p/s: thank YOU bawak i pergi melaka! sila makan ubat, get well soon! :)


Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

you itu siapa??
i wish you happy2 my dear~

Anonymous said...

aiyooo sampai melaka dia pi naa

ra|nbOw said...

anis ; haha. thank you lalink!!! u too my dear :))

fatyn ; wakakak. gile jap.