Oct 20, 2010

thank you :)

i slept at 4am. woke up at 6am. at the office at 7am. 815am at TPM bukit jalil.
1pm, i drove home. 130pm sharp i safely arrived home.

ate my lunch. need to finish packing things up.

mama abah. thank u 4 a small slice of choc cheese cake. and a ferrero rocher.
it's cute, a slice and only one ferrero rocher. but it is so sweet.
no birthday cards from both of u, *for the 1st time in my life*
but those 2 inspirational, motivation books with a note, are great. :)

thanks for those who love. baby. bestie. BFF. friends.
sorry if ade SMS yg ta reply lg. shooting td, hp totally silent.
will do, later on. thanks again!

p/s: sape yg bet RM5 utk 30 org ke atas yg akan wish sy bday tuh,
sila2 lah sediakan RM5 ye. cuz it is less than that :P


Anonymous said...

happy befday, gergeous <3
lupa plak qila dah deactivated fb so tada chance nak wish

btw, usia makin meningkat, semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan umur ya :)

nadiaizzah said...

haaaapy besday..ngeee

Ika Elmo said...

syg, check ur skype okie :) muahhxx!

Anonymous said...

demmit.rm5 burnnn..wakakakkaka.. :P
apekah bukti anda its less than 30?tp satu yg betul, u didnt slept at 12, but at 4!!ahahahaha.

ra|nbOw said...

fatyn ; oh thank u babe :) ahah. insya allah, amin2! same goes to uu. thanks again taw.

izzah ; thank youuu sygkuu!!!

ika ; ahah. da cek ikaa. thanks tawww! skeee sgt.

awk ; HAHA. nnt kite count semule ok. :P rm5 je der. tp nak berkire gak. wakakakak. oh, ta leh lelap owh hari tu. pfttt

Anonymous said...

rm5 yelah2..adiah birthday! :P