Aug 6, 2010

stand for yourself -- let it all out ;)

i will, and always, think twice, or perhaps, more... before i begin to write anything here.
this blog, it ain't myself anymore. not at all. u guys keep on manipulating me.
keep reading, and judging me. and being so hypocrite towards me. and yourself as well.

i can't, and will never be good enough to satisfy everyone. so do you. SO,
stop feeling sympathy -- towards all the feeling i've been trying so hard, to hide.
stop making rumors, stop saying 'hye' when all u wanna say was -- bye!

i have my stories. u have yours. we might share the same flow, the same situations.
but, this is me. and that is you. i am who i am. and you are who you are.
do not expect me to face it, the way you did. cuz we are all different.
even when basically, we are exactly the same.

to gfs (girlfriends -- with 'S' -- no specification, it is for everyone, including myself)
- stop being a player. we are in the twenty(ies). be a grown up girl. stop SELLing-FISH.
- stop smiling in front of me when u r a real back-front-right-left-opposite- STABber.
- don't act like u care, when u are wearing that 'fake smile mask' on ur face.
- stop updating ur status -- such as blaming others, talking bout karma, or begging for sympathy, when u r talking bout ur reflection. change yourself first. BAD GIRL.
- don't have to be such an emotional girl -- reading all this thoughts, & advices. i'm telling u the truth. change... gfs, naa, girls. not such a good friend anymore, to be frank.
- and to be honest, i HATE to have a friend with an ATTITUDE like u (u u u u). such a drama queen with a black, bitter, stinky heart.

okay, who's having an emotional breakdown now? haha. *gile kaw qilah.* just. kadang diri terlalu peduli apa kata org, apa perasaan org. sekali sekala perlu peduli kata dan rasa diri sendiri pula. siapa lg mahu peduli kalau bukan diri sendiri?

thank you true friends. very much appreciated, deep down inside. *blessed*

get out fake friends. thank you, for being a part of my life, at least. you are so much welcome to blah blah blahhhh. ;)


la petite étoile said...


semua orang memang tak pernah puas hati dengan apa yang kita ada..

biarkan diorang.. xpela..

yg penting orang2 yang Qilah syg sume support Qilah kan :)

ra|nbOw said...

mcm mane kalau org yg tak pernah puas hati tu, org yg kte syg? eheh. hurm, itulah... Allah selalu tunjuk. tp kdng diri buta. thanks dear ;)