Aug 21, 2010

few words, thousand meanings

i've got so much to tell.
but i don't know where should i begin. or how.
it seems like a hundred thousand words could not quite tell.
perhaps, later. erm, perhaps.

just a couple of advices.
- got a chance, give a shot. try, at least.
- everyone & everything has a limit. mark that in mind
- give & take in life. be rational. know when u should or shouldn't
- u can never satisfy everyone. let them be.
- u might be hating a person, who loves u, honestly.
- letting go, doesn't mean u r weak. u r strong enough to let go.
- who r u today? better than yesterday? should be a yes.
- nothing last forever. so appreciate it, while u have it.
- bye is the first hello to a new life.

take care ppl. till then.


Atika Azumi said...

take care dear :)

ra|nbOw said...

thank u syg. tak bukak puase ke? haha. u too ;)

-azwanbakhtiar- said...

ni bukan 'a couple'.
ni 'a lot of'

ra|nbOw said...

azwan ; haha. yer la kot ;P