Jul 28, 2010

indeed money is not everything.

money. it is important now days. it could be everything, but in the mean time, it could be nothing. it is nothing when u wake up in the middle of the night in a million bucks bed & full of expensive furnitures in ur room and find out, that u r alone. it is nothing when there's no one else living in ur big castle on ur own & u have to watch tv, with no one by ur side. it is nothing, if u had the same nightmare, everyday.

money. it is one of the biggest main point of living in this world today. ppl fight because of it, well, some ppl were married, also, because of money. money can kill, money can cure, money can save a life, money can satisfy u and it turn the world upside down. a poor man could become a millionaire in a blink of an eye, so did the other way.

but sometimes the world seems unfair. those poor ppl keep on being poorer and those who r rich, getting richer. but i wonder, why did most of the richest ppl commit suicide? and why are ppl so desperate that they could kill, kidnapped their own fmly members, for money? what does it mean?

perhaps, when u had money, u're about to participate urself in a, should i say, a field or modern war? which, u don't need a gun, or an armored fighting vehicle moving on caterpillar tracks. all you need are just -- a mixture of greed, with no mercy, and violence.

at the end of d day, what did all the money got u into? -- trouble, loneliness & feeling of sorrow of being NOTHING. u might be living like a king, and the world is a heaven to u, but when it is the end of the world, and u die, u have NOTHING. or perhaps u're going to HELL if those money wasn't urs at the first place. think twice. money ain't everything.

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