Jul 11, 2010

best things in life aren't things

well hey, hye, my name is Nur Aqilah Mohd Amin. assalamualaikum. i'm sitting on the floor in the corner of my room, writing this thoughts and answering a few questions from my friend. she asked me these questions long time ago, and she said it would be a pleasure if i wrote it in my blog. and, i'm writing now dear friend ;)

1st quest - how many friend request are still pending in my FB, n why i let it be that way
= currently i have only 309 friend requests. i ignored some, i blocked some, and there goes another 309, still pending. to be exact, i would like to ignore all of them, but it would be much easier for them to keep on adding me. and, i did approved those i knew and currently i have 537 friends which are those i really called friends. schoolmates, teachers, college mates, neighbors, families, and 'dearest sunshine' from this beloved blog. i love new friends, new connections, but i guess, enough with that. cuz at the end of the day, they might get hurt, as well as me myself. ;)

2nd quest - best things to make myself feel better.
= as i grew up, i realized that nature, ppl around me, life itself, do make myself more comfortable. it just i need some moment. i love water the most. the sea & the beach, the river, the rain, and not to forget, the rainbow. eceh, nak juga tu ;P oh, food, obviously yes --esp coffee, ice creams, and chocolates. ngee~ cats -- dearest pepper & hyperactive sugar. kiddies. the little bby one. so adorable aren't they? ;) it all basically begin with a pray to Allah, that i just keep it to myself.

3rd quest - what do i really want in life.
= i just wanna be happy & successful. dunia akhirat. being happy & successful doesn't demand me to be rich, or over the top of the world, just, it will be nice and amazing if i achieved things i wanted in life & got a chance to be somebody, i always love to be. i don't wanna be a billionaire or a role model. i just wanna put a wide smile on my face everyday, where it comes from my happy soul. i just wanna drive my dream car. and be a good daughter of mama & abah. and. live happily ever after with the one i called--soul mate. that's it. Allah will give us the best, if we're trying to be the best. guess i need to put on 'new clothes' to lead myself to a better me ;)

there are another 3 questions. to be continue later honey. for sure, from my point of view, best things in life aren't things. it is how u are yesterday, today and, tomorrow. it's ur memories. it's ur life. ;)


-azwanbakhtiar- said...

oh baru aku tau nama hg Nur Aqilah Mohd Amin.

nama aku lak Muhamad Azwan bin Bakhtiar Jamili.

selamat berkenalan! wakaka

ra|nbOw said...

haha. selamat selamat! ;P

Purple kiwi said...

me lovin the spirit baby! muahxx! snyum byk2 ok! :)

ra|nbOw said...

ika ; ngeee. thank you! muahhh. ok ok tgh cuba. =)