Jun 22, 2010

i'm a fragile person, and sometimes, i'll burst out too.

it's Monday and things seems to be so wrong at the beginning of the day, or should i say at the beginning of the week? but, it ends up better. what if, u woke up in the morning, and the 1st thing u heard was a very bad news from a phone call from ur officemate? horrible wasn't it? well, that was mine, as for today.

it's complicated and let me try 2 make it easier - S called me, and told me a cameraman (D) call her. D told her, that i've got an assignments (news) to be cover. 730am was the call time (thats an hour b4 the function begin) and, since i was absent yesterday, i asked a friend of mine (O) to check out my schedule for today. (we need to check our assignment a day before) and it ends up with --no assignment.

and so, i do really have no idea about the assignment given. and i have to call O, i called S, as well as D, and our editor. yeah, i sound stupid when i told them that i really3 have no idea about the assignment. it's almost 8 o'clock an we're running out of time. i can't make it on time. 2 be honest, i'm freaking afraid. i'm afraid of not knowing bout the assignments, am scared of messing up with the cameraman (D) and things i afraid the most was to inform my editor... =( i'm sorry sir.

and the worst part is -- to be blame, to feel guilty, and sucks, idiot, frustrated with myself, and useless. i know things happened, shit happened, but this simple stuff did messing me out. i'm totally down and cry. a lot. alone. i guess i'm the worst employees u'll ever met. the thing is, i'm a practical student and ppl, will always take advantage of every silly stupid mistake u made. ;(

ok, enough with that. i don't even know if anyone could understand what am i trying to share. later that day, with a very last minute plan, i went to mid valley and finally i was able to smile for a while. thank you dear sherry & naiya. love D12 the most lah!

naiya's mum send us to LRT station.

breakfast. super cool aite? '-___-''

the very 1st moment when sherry shows up.

dull mid valley - around 12pm.

1st time - the spaghetti farm

the naughtiest among D12

sherry, stop eating like a child! ;P

cheesy or spicy?

trying to light up my day

wuhoo. 5 of us. eh, 3!

simple life quotes. -MPH

quotes notebook -MPH

quotes collections -MPH

yeah i know it's pathetic that i bought 3 items from MPH and it is all about life quotes. i guess u can imagine how much i need those positive energy right now.

not to forget, i had my very 1st 3D movies! yeay! toy story 3. toy story 3 was very nice. with those friendship, and life value. it's really meaningful. right movie to watch, just in time.

also bought revlon liquid eyeliner + cotton on dress. went back to naiya's around 7pm, and i sat in the car, cry again while talking to mr barney. wuwuwu~ thanks dear for those wise words & support ;)

i'm healing. i have to.


Anonymous said...

oh my my~

sabar ok.. its all part and parcel of life.. everyone will have to go thru it~ this experience will make a better/stronger/wiser person in future.. smile a bit ok dearest.. *hearts*


Atika Azumi said...

really i feel sorry for u..
em.. but was it really ur fault u didnt notice that u got an assgnment that day?

p/s: toy story 3 is superb !! i cried taw. haha. like seriously cried sampai sedu2. hee.

.Nora Kacak. said...

macam2 kan dugaan praktikal neh? haihh. Toy Story mmg best!! sy g tgk smlm, hahaha boleh Mas cakap say macam Mr Potato Head tuhh? jadi leper. hahahahahaha.

Purple kiwi said...

baby. just like what u said, shit happens. but trust me, experience is the best teacher.

people learn from mistakes. those who do not make any mistake just missed a way of learning in life and career. so qila tak rugi apa2. you've just gained something that will help you become a better person. next time mesti qila lagi berhati2 sbb qila taknak ulang benda yang sama kan kan kan. okay? chill syg :)

btw i watched toy story 3 twice already. :P

ra|nbOw said...

kak lyne ; hee. sy mencuba sedaya upayeee utk tidak menjd cry bby actually. terima kasih kakak comelku! ;)

atika ; it just simply not my fault, but it was my job, so mcm it is my fault la jdnye. but i really2 x taw. kwn2 pun ckp i x slh... huhu. yeay! kte x nangis! hehe XD

nora ; potato tu sy tergelak2 gle tgk ok. HAAHAHAHAHAHA

purple kiwi ; experiencs is the best teacher, btol... setuju =) thanky 4 those wise words! wahh.. twice? x menyempat! =P

Purple kiwi said...

btw syg. ni ika. haha. ;p

ra|nbOw said...

ika ; hee. tgk gaya tulis pun taw. ingt kan nak remain unknown, so kte pun silent je la. haha

Purple kiwi said...

lolx.. i thot qila x pasan. baru nak sedih. kekeke. yeay ni yg terharu ni! :D emm i dont think dia akan cari i sampai ke sini kot. kot laa. ngee. :P

ra|nbOw said...

ika ; hahahahah. perasan dr ayat ika. ahah. itulah. kalau sampai cni meh kita cekik die.