Jun 29, 2010

IJN 15th birthday & how this simple event knocked my heart

hello. few days ago i did mention about going to IJN for my assignment aite? here's a sneak peak. that stripy shirt cameraman is abg farhan. he's a very supportive n helpful cameraman. ;) oh ye, everytime pergi assignment, kami akan tukar2 cameraman. so, it depends on the schedule. what time we leave, with who, what function, it's a daily schedule. it's a must to check it everyday. i enjoyed myself that day and met kinda lots of reporters from the other media agency.

the 2nd picture - IJN received some donation from Monash University Medical Student Associations. about, 24K. good job guys ;) owh yar, it was IJN 15th birthday, and they celebrated 150 kids (patients). I interviewed 2 mom, and CEO of IJN. trust me, the CEO is a Tan Sri Dr bla bla bla, and she is soooooo down to earth & kind hearted. tak sombong langsung ok. how i wish to be in the same position =P and with the same attitude, of course. magic show, lucky draw, dancing competition was a part of the programmed.

if u do really know me, i guess u know how soft-hearted i am. to meet up with all of these kids, well basically they're sick, at a very young age. i was impressed, sad, and happy to see how they try to survive with several operations as they grow up. I'm touched with the love given from their parents too. I can see from all the mothers and fathers faces, clearly, how much those kids mean to them. and, i cant imagined if was in their shoes. am i strong enough? hurmmm...

This is one of the situation when i realized how lucky i am. to be healthy, to be who i am now, to be fat, (gaaa... cukup makan =P). how i should learn to stop saying "if only..."

this simple situation. this simple event. took me a life to think about the world we live. ye sy mmg suka berfikir benda2 kecik dan mengarut. diam, dan berfikir. tp kemudian, sy lalai lg. Tp, dlm hati, ada doa. ada harapan. dayus sungguh manusia. kan? ok. sudah keluar tajuk lg. haha.

almost 2am ppl. i should get some sleep, esok PAGI kerja weyh! take care ;)


Atika Azumi said...

this entry touches my heart. i mmg an emotional person tp this one, pasal kids yg suffering,, em,, ntah.. nk nangis ada.

ra|nbOw said...

atika! huu. qla buat entry ni habis simple da. tammo nangis! ;)

Afiqah Zainuri said...

kakak pelangi!!

wahh best nye dapat turut sama dlam charity event. pengalaman yg tidak dpt dilupakan kan?? jeles jeles!

ra|nbOw said...

afiqah ; ahah. x dpt join sampai habis pun sbb kene rushing. best. skee ;)