Jun 20, 2010

explore happiness

a man who complains to his doctor that his wife, when angry, gets historical.
You mean hysterical,” the doctor says.
“No, historical,” the man says.
"She lists the history of every wrong thing I've ever done!"

getting old?
getting old we can deal with.
being old is the problem.

what do ppl fear most about death?
"Well, for one thing, what happens next? where do we go? Is it what we imagined?"
That's big.
"Yes, but there's something else"
what else?
"being forgotten"

mitch albom
have a little faith


Shafinaz Maruai said...

Wife gets historical.

Don't be married to 'History' scorer then. lol.

Macam best je buku ni.
Qilah,nanti try baca The Girl in Times Square-Paullina Simons.


ra|nbOw said...

ahah. best. as always. mitch albom opened up my mind n heart. ahah... pernah nmpk buku tuh!!! ok will do babe ;)