Jun 28, 2010

400 turns to zero in 2 hours

good morning ppl. well, basically it's dark outside--midnight. but, since it's 1254am right now, so, again, good morning ppl ;) last tuesday, was my off day. and i was in unstable emotion so i decided to have some good relaxing moment of my own, alone. alah, pi mai-pi mai tang tu jgk. balik ke JJ setiawngsa je =P at first, i was expecting to go somewhere else yg jauh sikit, baru mcm gempak kan, but lepas itu big boss marah i keluar seorg, so i pergi yg plg dekat je lah. thee.

as i told b4 dkt my status @FB, i habiskan almost 400 in 2 hours, urm... basically yes, dkt JJ ni je padahal. and it didnt happened all the time okay! very rare! trust me. *wink*

JJ AU-setiawngsa.
bnyk tmpt mkn, x bnyk choice utk shopping.

1st thing - manicure & pedicure. RM50--happy hour price!
*ya Allah tembamnye jari. gosh*

then i masuk hypermarket JJ. and i direct to ... TA-DAA!
chocolates department. M&M, black forest, marshmallow--a must.

oh hye body shop. dah lama x jumpa. LOL.
and so, i took Nature's Minerals Foundation + brush
RM 99 + RM 75--it worth it.

a hair brush + lipstick -- both body shop
RM 55 + RM 45

and and, for the 1st time from elianto
2 eyeshadow + brush = RM 46

and a few sweet potatoes for mama, with parking fees, there goes my money. flying without wings in a blink of an eye. =P ppl might be asking, WTH i was thinking? well, basically its a retail therapy and i haven't spend this much for myself, for quite a long time. those make up? trust me, i have a very sensitive skin (face area), and i've been using body shop for years. it's a must for my skin--face only. and, i started to apply make up (like seriously) since this year! =P

naaa, usually i only used my compact powder, a lil bit of blusher, and lip balm/lip gloss. then kalau rajin sikit baru eyeliner/mascara--during office hour ye. baiklah rakan2 aqilah baru mula belajar pakai make up pd umur 21 tahun ye! eyeshadow sgt tak reti pakai lg. sobbb. oklah dah start mengarot mcm nak masuk topik make up dah i kan! i dah penat sgt ni actually, so nak tidur dah. sweet dream ppl.


Purple kiwi said...

nak like this post boleh tak. cant help it, i get excited everytime ada post about makeups, shopping, etc. haha. btw ika br ingat nak beli eyeshadow elianto yg mcm tu juge. yg warna gold tu. nanti la kot, lepas balik msia. :)

ra|nbOw said...

haha. comel ika ni. same2, kte pun ske sume tuh. even kte mmg x reti make up. =P oh ho, belilah. RM18 je x silap. ;)

.Nora Kacak. said...

awk. byknye barang mekap! adoiiii! 400 beli hp la! ;))

ra|nbOw said...

nora ; erm. tu pun basic die je. mane sy reti power2. hp? tammo. hoho

ainaaamira. said...

haha. sekali skale xpe nak spend byk2. :p

btw qilah...suka tgk gambar sebelah ni. cantik. :)

ra|nbOw said...

ainaa ; kan kan skali skale utk diri sdiri ;) huhu. idaklaa.. biase je. huhu

kliPps said...

nice therapy..leh la apply jgk pasni.:)