May 18, 2010

they're human with feelings too

there's nothing wrong with it. or with them. what's with the ex(s) and ex(s) new gf/bf or bf/gf ex(s). basically, they're 3 situations here.

1st - ex(s) - ur ex(s) [ur histories]
2nd - ex(s) new gf/bf - ur ex(s) new gf/bf, after u. [u're past, their present]
3rd - bf/gf ex(s) - ur bf/gf ex(s) [their histories]

i have so much things to crap about. but let this be the 1st for now. so ppl, what's up with them? ok. here's a few things. most of d ppl i met, always always AND always, hate their past. or their gf/bf ex(s). ok, 1 by 1 aqilah. 1st of all, remember, i'm writing based on my opininon.

1st - ur ex.
his ur ex babes! EX-basically means his ur past. PAST. u're here, now, in PRESENT. forget bout what happened from ur past, but LEARN from it. FORGET those things that hurt u, but REMEMBER those things u LEARN from your tearful moments that teach u how to breathe and be able to be who u r today. FORGET about the violence he did to your heart, *cheywah, violence, cam thailand protest plak* but, be THANKFUL that he was 1 of ur teacher in life. he WAS the one who made u smile, and cry too. remember the good side of him. the good side of what basically happened to u. Allah ada sebabnya...

mungkin itu yg terbaik buat masa ini. berkawan saja semula kalau salam persahabatan dihulurkan. dia bukan milikmu lagi. dan engkau juga harus bebaskan dia pergi... namun, kalau kebencian yg ditunjukkan, dan kau tahu apa yg kau buat itu benar, maka usah khuatir, percayalah, kelak dia akan sedar & tersenyum bila mendengar namamu =)

2nd - the one after you. ur ex new gf/bf.
he left u. or maybe u left him, willingly or not. he met new person, and just mark in ur mind, u will too, sooner or later. don't be jealous. don't u ever blame that new gf (new person). perhaps she's the reason he left u but plz, everything happened with His orders. Allah knows what He did. well maybe, she's the one for him. and maybe, she came to be the only reason for u to broke up with him, so that u can meet someone else. the one who was born for u.

kau mahu dia bahagia bkn? doakan saja jalan yg dipilih itu, jln yg plg bhgia. atau mungkin, jalan supaya mereka mempelajari sesuatu dlm hidup mereka jg. =) doakan saja. jgn ada benci.

3rd - bf/gf ex(s) - ur bf/gf ex(s) [their histories]
he loves u for who u r. if he is truly, honestly love u, just remember a thing.

"u can shower him with millions of hot, beautiful, pretty woman,
but, if he honestly love u, he will only loves u.
will always be loyal to u. ur name will always remain, in his heart. "

it just happened to be, u're not his first. but perhaps, u're his forever? =)

p/s; ye benar sy berkawan dgn ex yg masih sudi berkawan dgn sy. ya benar, sy berkawan dgn ex sy pnye gf, sy berkawan dgn ex kpd ex sy. tak salah kalau mereka jujur. *wink*


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thanks dear =)

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

suke perkataan2 ituh!!!

syakey said...

xske kwn dgn ex. menyampah. haha

i.k.a. ♥ said...

ini sgt meaningful utk kite. thanx dear. :)

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anis ; hentam keromo dr hati =P

syakey ;hahahaahah. i totally understand that =P

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