Mar 29, 2010

things that happened since i came home

alhamdulilah, semua still dlm kawalan hidup. ye ke? ye kot. even kdg rase cam x kemane je hidup daku dgn perangai yg pelbagai. btw. hari ni bgn around 5am, tp a lil bit dizzy. and tdow blk, bgn buat kerja2 umah, still kepala mcm pusink2. owh apekah? selalunya sakit kepala je. bkn pusing2 cm gini. hurm. hopefully everything will be just fine. well, there's a good news as for my fmly. but b4 that, here is...

thanks hawa for this award ;)

mama ngah + abah ngah.
dpt gelaran datuk / datin kurnia dr Sultan Phg. ;) alhamdulilah.
abah ngah xnak, tp mama ngah ckp, kalau org kasi free, ambik je la.
tahnye. lgpun mmg mereka layak dpt. bnyk sumbangan dkt phg tuh.
happy for them!

and i bought this book last week. still reading it.

and, after a month w/out watching any movie -

this is, as for me, just an ok-ok movie.

and this is such adorable, and cute. ;)

owh yar. i'm not a celcom broadband customer anymore. and not even close to streamyx. i'm using maxis broadband aite now. not that superrr fast connection as i expected, but so far so good. better than before. and, currently i'm an active ym / skype user. not the type who always appears as an available person, but at least, i've got both ym & skype in my lappy now! hooray! thanks to mr.barney. my hair is getting longer than the last few weeks, and i'm missing my so-called-rapunzel hair. owh yar, i've got this too -

well... i guess that's all for now. take care ppl.

p/s; it's my 333 post. i love 3. ;)

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