Mar 6, 2010

i didn't miss my lunch & dinner yesterday

friday - 5th march 2010
yesterday was a great day. it begun just like my ordinary day, doing all my 'housewife' stuff ;P ,blogging, and, i fell asleep around 930am til almost 1115am. dang~ and then, kma asked me to follow her to go to wangsa walk. i took my bath, choose another different shirt, and, ta-da. this is what i looked like yesterday~

black & grey~

at wngsa walk, we went straight to wangsa bowl~
bowling. 2 games. ppl... i need to practice!
college tournament - 3rd april 2010.

**gentlemen, i'm not good in bowling.
i just love to play bowling. but seriously i'm not good**

so, here's mine + kma's mark.
the last time i play bowling was... 30th jan 2010
NOT even a SINGLE strike~ T__T

lunch here. it's my 1st time ;P

nasi goreng. with carrot juice.
i'm sooo into carrot juice these few weeks.

nasi putih with chicken curry.
and white coffee.

around 230pm, we rush home. telekom ppl were there, maka...
TERpasanglah telefon rumah yg baru. internet utk STREAMYX lmbt lg!!! T__T

ends up around 4pm, on9, waiting for mr. barney. he arrived around 5pm,
i rush to JJ au-keramat and bought a few things, including kak yana's jamu.
rush to Melawati, and met kak yana, for the sponsorship for my FYP.
end up at melawati around 645pm.

straight to cheras....

traffic jam amat sgt. sampai d cheras perdana around 8pm.
went to mama + ayah house. cheyyy. gedik. umah mr.barney. solat~
borak2 dgn ayah, mama, then along sampai. FYI, his siblings, sy x jmpa along lg.
makanya semlm berjumpalah sudah. leaving around 9pm.

straight ke area UPM... dinner time~!

1st time sampai cni jgk! ramai org. tp harga reasonable sgt!

mr. barney

kemudian sy ke mapley sebentar. bertemu kwn2 d sane. act semua kwn2 mr.barney, tp semua sy dah kenal. and sudah biasa dgn mereka jgk. mknan d mapley tu pun best, so sy skeee la. haha. bergelak - ketawa, tgk2 almost 12am, so balikkk... whoaaa. penuh an jadual. sempat spend time dgn cousin + selesaikan 1 kerja FYP + spend time dgn mr.barney. purrfect day~ thanks Allah. for giving me such a beautiful happiness. ;))

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