Mar 31, 2010

double c

and this is for you,

u know, u gonna feel so bad when u can't make someone u love feel better when they're in a stressful situation.

still, u let him/her do whatever he/she wants to as long as they're happy, even they're doing the bad thing(s).

u might did ur mistake and, u've got ur weakness(es) as well, and so, u try to accept them the way they are.

but still it hurts so bad, when u did try ur very best to calm them down, but, to know u're failed to do so.

still, u're hoping he/she is gonna be all right, stay strong, and praying that god will guide them.

even when u're crying. still. u're hoping there's a hope on their face.

so that, at the end of d day, they gonna smile.

and that smile, gonna b ur smile as well.

cuz. deep inside ur heart. u know.

u're happy. if they're happy.

ily imy iny :)
always do.


.Nora Kacak. said...

amboii, sweet sg0h aqilah amin=]

Nabil Fikri said...

mmg.. manis je.. huhu~

ra|nbOw said...

nora ; huhu. sweet ka? tataw. main tulis je pe dlm hati.

barney ; ahah. sarcastic ye? ;P