Feb 20, 2010

this is just my thought

to be exact, i've got a lot of things, i wanna write it all down here. as time passed by, i forgot almost about everything. haish~ nyanyok eh. and yet, lot of drafts had been safe. but idk, why i didn't post it. weirdo~ maybe because, half of my way writing, i forgot what's the main point and what else to write down. well hey, march is around the corner. gaaaaa~ crazy huh. i saw 2010 calendar yesterday. and i was like, wooo! 2oth feb 2010. aiyooo. tup tap-tup tap, 8 months from now, its gonna b my 21st bday. i've a lot of things i wanna do b4 my 21st bday. but will i?

btw. have u ever believe, and i mean. u urself, u wanna do lot of silly things, and maybe few of wrongdoing things, at least once in a lifetime. well hey, i do! as my ages getting older, that's mean time getting lesser than before. fast, fast, fast aqilah! do whatever u wanna do whenever u've got the chance. and i just promised myself to publish this post no matter how empty and crapping it is T__T

i did a lot of mistake too. naaa, u wouldn't care to know. or maybe if u do, u wouldn't believe what i've done my whole life. haha. lots of mistake, fun silly things that can cause u one thing - sin. and there's no turning back. but it's ok. i wouldn't care less to regret everything. life goes on bby! or i'll die regretting everything. haha. oh yeah! but at least, i know what i've done is wrong, and keep remind myself, what to do, and what shouldn't.

btw, talking bout myself. i went to the clinic for the 3rd time last Thursday. awww~ injection. idk what's wrong. Dr Mariam was sooo worried and she asked me to go there again, if i'm still sick today. yes, Saturday. erm, i guess there's no fever, just flu and throat pain. blood test eh Dr? huhu. no need kot. i have to be totally healthy a.s.a.p. shooting is around the corner! owhhh... i'll be outtt for shooting from monday - wednesday. ala. KL je pun. haha.

since, it is 2oth feb 2010, lemme recall few things that happened lately.

- owh en.nabil. met mama & abah, i mean like officially dinner - 18th feb 2010. awww. i laugh a lot. habis rahsia negara abah buka, rahsia diri wkt kecik, and there's erm... FUNNY JOKE of the year accidentally created by abah. hahahhahahahaha... i'll tell later.

- 19th feb 2010 - lots of things 2 b settle down. yup. really bz. i went to the college with abah & nabil, and straight to damansara. abah maw cari butik adidas semata - mata. cari brg golf adidas. huhu... he bought a shirt, and we had tea at the curve, and, back home.

- 13th feb 2010 - i met his fmly, officially. cuak x hingat! yo lah. selalunye those guys yg meet up my parents. ble recall blk, the only guy yg i meet up with his fmly was ONLY - 1st love. haha. and it was a very long time ago - 7 years ago. soooo... u should know how gubra i am. but it ends up with a smile on my face. mama + ayah u baekkk sgt!!! ;)) x cuak da jmpe mrka 2nd time hari tu~

- 14th feb 2010 - i didn't celebrate it, as usual. buttt, awww, i had great time. like really2 great time! thanks 2 all those 6 of u. esp u syg! i really3 appreciate it. i know u're working hard to do the best for us. i can see that, clearly. thanks again!

and what else? hurm. ok. random2!
- did my hair treatment and new hair looks for 2010. *like likey love*
- went to sg congkak / gabai. gileee skeee. oh i just love water. and fresh air.
- did my resume for practical. practical weyh! 12th april 2010 - 4th july 2010.
- selesai cat bilik dgn jayanya. thanks to mama + kak sally. much appreciated!
- joined college bowling tournament on 3rd april 2010. i was absent, but my friends just put down my name. haha. with miraghee + alyn + bhai + abg zul. group name - don't raba2. haha. x tahan korang nih!
- i'm almost done with my UIA english class. whoaaa. nak graduate suda *wink wink*
- 16th feb 2010 - kak long bersalin anak ke 4! another hero! x cukup bulan but so far ok.
- i'll be away from Mlysia from 11th march - 22nd march insya Allah. ;))

i was thinking of going to any beach since weeks ago. i don't know. i just really want it. mama & ayah (referring to his fmly) invited me to join them at PD today. but it seems i can't. abah dah kuar g main golf since 730am td lg. haha. and mama wanted to go to jln TAR this evening. but maybe, just maybe, we're gonna go to PD for a while tomorrow. IF only flight abah blk srwk malam esok. if x dpt, x pergilah. rushing woo~

and last night, oh, not really night, 4am - thinking of my future. degree, work, fmly. oh god. that's scary. like really. what is going to happen to a super duper lazy totally pampered girl like me. aiyaaa! i wanna b somebody. somebody means - i achieve everything i've been dreaming of. no need to be fofular or super duper rich. no no no. i don't need that. i just need to fulfill my target. and u know 'try to do new thing list' is never gonna end. owh owh~

aqilah. what goes around comes around aite. so, plz, be nice to everyone. i mean, keep on being hard, but be nice as well. naaa, i don't know how to explain that, but me myself, get it. haha.

the no 1 things i love bout him - he RESPECT his parents so much. and my parents as well. ble wa ade conflict gwa dgn mama or abah, he'll b the one who keep on protecting mama & abah. huuu. i know syg. i know they love me. u know i'm ashamed of myself when i can see how u treat ur parents and mine. at least, i'm trying to remind myself more bout them since i met u. hee. thank u!

keyna! sorry i couldnt' make it today. hoping to see u again later. ;)

to friends. i miss you. yes u. but sorry, i've never told u. all i wanted to say. cuz sometimes, u should realize a thing as well - it's not i'm the only one who changes, u've change too. but still, i've never 4get u too. u should know that. sometime i wanna wish u good morning / night, but, i just keep it to myself. i wanna say hye! but, i just smile. maybe. u can hear my heart saying 'i love u'


.fateha aziz. said...

qila na p mane? nak itot jugak. ~

ra|nbOw said...

hee. g umrah dear. insya allah ;) jom jom!

.fateha aziz. said...

wow! doakan teha disane ye. bestnyeeee~ slmt pegi slmt pulang hendaknye