Jan 15, 2010

terrified but i'm not leaving

since i'm a lil bit rajin hari ni, mari hupdate bergmbr! thee. here's a sneak peek of everything. eh. no lah. a lil bit of everything. lots of pixca act. x tersempat.

btw. this is my room - 1st day moved in
they said i've got a lots of clothes. naaaa.

this is the 5th floor not-so-condo/apartment with 6 rooms.
and 5 toilets. thee. salghee + salmiza dah masuk! ;))

so, this is my 1st wedges. with a zip at the back.
simple, but i love it so much. i really do.

mira, salgheee, dila masham + me.
that's my 1st dress ever. long dress.

i watched this yesterday.
slow, but, scary. grrr! it is!
*thanks to u sweetheart*

14th & 15th jan 2009 -
- was there at the college. we did VO (voice over) for BJ (broadcast journalist).
- had a life talk with salghee. just 2 of us. lots of things to learned from others.
- went to old taste, were there to accompany dilla masham. 4 of us. me, leon, salghee.
- wait 4 him to pick me up at the college, i just can't handle those tears anymore.
- he came. i cried. few drops only. i know i wanna cry out loud. but i can't. those tears wouldn't came out. naaaa, nothing matter anymore. i just wanna b with u. thanks again!
- went to leisure mall cheras at 530pm, with him, watched paranormal activity.

*thanks ssh payah dtg on the spot all the way from UPM and bwk i round 1 kl sampai kte explore tmn. duta itu. cantik owh umah2 d sane! and. thanks 4 calming me down in ur own way*

15th jan, today - broadcast journalist, BJ final project news presentation.

*and then, i'm gonna meet him, again. yeay! imy!*

btw. mama dah sebut2 hadiah bday die. dia hanya maw few pokok bunga. yup. she told me a month b4. gaaaa~ 1st - x sempat pergi beli lg. 2nd - kopakkkk T____T sabar eh mama!

awk. rndu nak lepak dgn awk ah. tp kte taw awk bz. take care! *dpt duit sila simpan =P*

1 of 2010 resolution - be bad. be hard.
be bad to be strong. be hard to be stronger.
and, still can handle it. good. clap to myself.


Anonymous said...

wuaaaaa, lawa gila bilik qila!!
serius, memang berlambak baju baju qila.

and, the night of viva tu, memang qila serius cantik!

tak sabaq nak jumpa qila in person!

tenggiling said...

wink2!! only 4 u..

syakey said...

akak, dress merah tu lawa dowh. dh la kte ske merah..


keyna said...

OMG! chantekkk nyeee kaw pakai dress tuh qila..
jeles la daku..
kalau aku pakai,nnt aku nmpak rendang..
tp ko pakai sgt chantekkk...

ainaaamira. said...

suke dress merah itooo~~

keyna: aku rse aku akn nmpk rendang juge spt kamu if i wear that dress.
it suits qilah very well kan?
sangat cantik!

ra|nbOw said...

fatyn ; bilik lawaaa? hahahahaha. perli ape? tu haram x kemas pape lg. x rupe bilik lg. haha. cantik? gagagaga. x cantik. owh. nak jmpe fatyn jgk!

u ; thee. thanks. so much =]]

syakey ; ahah. dress tu mmg cantik even simple

keyna ; hahahahahahaha. ngarot la ko. tu pun aku pakai wedges 3 inch lg taw. huuuu. ko pakai lg ok sbb ko slim. thee.

ainaa ; ahah. aku pun ske dress tuh! wahahahaha. rendang? korang bkn rendang sgtlah! XD