Jan 10, 2010

lot of things happened that i can't recall cuz i just dont have much time =P

rindu nak bace blog korang. but seriously, nak tgk blog sendiri pun x menyempat. tgk mcm da bnyk je korang update. gaaaa~ time, plz have some mercy on me. super duper bz. what am i expecting? it's my final year, and, a week left b4 my final sem begin - 18th jan. whoaaa. seriously, u just don't know how chaotic my life is. btw, here's a lil things, that, i can recall at this very moment.

MCP (multi camera prod) final projects 4th - 8th January 2009
we need to do a 2 hours (non-stop) live show at our studio, and, we have to invite a professional singer / bands to perform based on our concept. and, it was stressful moment, but, it's a precious experienced. there's 5 groups, and everyday, a different group need to perform. mine was on last wednesday. and the best part is, everyday (mon-friday) we can see a lot of singers, here, in our show. *wink wink*

- went to lots of place such as pudu, melawati, cheras, damansara 4 props (setting)
- we met hattan + edrie hashim at damansara perdana. in person, at their office / studio
- the whole group of MCP, i mean, my group, we didn't sleep 4 almost 2 days. not at all.
- we did a 2hours live show, and, lots of mistake to be corrected, and a lil compliment too.
- and, thanks to hattan, yan lefthanded, shamrin fotograf, and others (my groups)
- there's also farah asyikin, shah bintang RTM, rubisa + nadia + emilia AF & lots more

btw. another 2 projects need to be submit by next week. that's crazy. a
nd yet, my room, is a mess. seriously, i don't have enough time. i can barely meet my cousins n mama cuz most of the time, i'll b home 4 bath, change my clothes, and sleep, if only i've a lil more extra time.

and, u know, i just realize that mama's bday is around the corner! it's 2morrow - 11th jan 2009. **omg bila bace blk baru perasan it's 2010 aqilah!** i've bought a bday card just now, and I've made a promise to mama that i wouldn't leave house without her, tomorrow. yesss, i need some time to spend with my fmly. bday present mama x beli lg! wahhhhhhhh.

and yet. to u, thanks 4 today n yesterday. sgt happy. seriously. thanks 4 everything. happy jmpe kwn2 u yg gilosss. n dpt tgk cite old dogs! yeay! =]]

i'm that so super duper bz that only god knows how. u're so welcome to be my PA and see, how bz i am with my final project, and family as well. sounds simple, but, be in my shoes then. :))

owh. kelas UIA. sudah 3 weeks holiday, including today. yes, i went there to find out that our class had been cancel cuz there's no electricity. grr...there were only 3 of us, and, En / Bro Zaidi drove me and kak aisyah to Jalan Tanglin, bukit Aman with his 7 series BMW and we had nasi lemak. lots of business / success tips i've got from him 2day. btw, nasi lemak eh? org belanja, mestilah maw! haha. thanks! then, i drove myself home and took a nap.

1 of my history, the 1 i deleted from my fb came back and try 2 apologize. hurm. idk. again? idk. kemaafan itu rahsia tuhan. biarlah tuhan yg tahu.

sorry utk BNYKKKK sms yg tak ter reply. 1 - bz gileee. msg pagi, mlm baru tgk hp. 2 - hp maxis yg postpaid dah kene bar since almost a week. and, begitulah seterusnya.

itu shja lah! so far 2010 tahun yg sgt sebok + karma dtg menunjukkan kebenaran + puas ati! =))


syakey said...

epy new year sis! ;)

fathiahRAIHANA said...

tape akak,
bz skg dlu ,
pasnie relax laa :)

ra|nbOw said...

syakey ; happy new year too!!! rinduuu syakey!!!

fathiah ; ahah. itulah. adat final year an. thanks =]]

athirah hanafiah said...

wahh.. ptutlah bz memanjang. dah final year rupenyer.. hehe
takpe, sket jer lagi nak berbizian macam ni. eh, tp rasanye nnt dah keje lg bz dr ni kott kan.. warghh~!!! hahaha

ha, bz jgn lupe jg keshtn tau qilah!
PA qila, jgn lupe jg keshtan die taw~ hehehe

ayong said...

gud luck ye syg for stdy and life yer! :)

ainaaamira. said...

waaa. da nk abes da.
good luck qilah! ;D

Anonymous said...

take care.
busy , busy jugak.

makan minum dan kesihatan jangan diabaikan ok

ra|nbOw said...

athirah ; yeahhh. final year. itulah. keje nnt lg extreme! waaaaaa. kesehatan? MARK! hee.

ayong ; thanks darling. u too.

ainaa ; ahah. trimasss. kamu pun gdluck!

fatyn ; ahah. take care 2. insya allah =]