Jan 16, 2010


15th january 2010
bgn subuh, try lah tak tido blk. sbb konon nak spend masa utk bnyk bnda lain. nak balas dendam lah nak on9 lame2. skali, on9 tataw nak buat ape da. mandi, lunch, and i wore all black formal attire for BJ presentation. the presentation was ok, and begun at 330pm. miss aida ckp, aku ade slang london. cam pending jap, tang mane la jd standupper (journalist) tuh ade slang london? haha. miss eha plak ckp aku bace cam 'baik2, sweet2' wahaha. and, taw kan dlm camera, badan seseorg nmpk lg jelas/bigger? and, i saw myself caught on tape, gle tembam aku weyh!

btw. i wrote a post yesterday morning aite, and the 2nd last note - awk (orange) is for afiq. and suddenly time d college dia SMS. hahahahahah... and by that time, he didn't read my blog yet. that's what related to my title. brainwave. hebat sngguh! SMS-ing for a while. lots of stuff to talk bout, and ends up at starbucks, for an hour je. thanks awk!

owh yar, so, i was home, til 2pm, college til almost 6pm, at mc d with sofia, dilla, salghee, fatin, til almost 7pm, and i went to sofia's house. timbang. naek 1kg! TIDAKKKKKK. then i met afiq, til 10pm. went home, change my clothes, then gi mapley d sri rampai with nabil. met yan and his gf. til almost 12am, and finally home. but owh yar, i didn't sleep yet, for this whole night. it's 630am now. hurm.

i think i wont sleep. i've got an english class at UIA at 9am, and i need to drive by myself there. so if tdow skrng, confirmed terbabas. and so, 12pm ade meeting FYP (final year project). so, abis english class nnt, rush to college. thee. jgnlah ngantok jap2 lg!

btw. the end of 6th sem!!! no holiday. and monday, the beginning of 7th sem. final sem. gaaa~

p/s; u. thanks 4 this special night.

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