Dec 14, 2009

too little, too wrong

i'm feelin' sorry, to myself. for being such a loser in the middle of the night. dear heart, u're done with it. enough crying for that stupid silly reason that no one knows - except this one gf. and, to this one person - the one i'd never give up on, i guess i've to really3 let u go. so i wouldn't cry a tear for u anymore. not even a single tear.

boy. u're wrong. i'm not that bitchy bitch.
i'm not that cheap chick, the one u can find across the street.
i gave & give u the very best of me, but, u gave me nothing.
u flirt around with a lot of girls, when u know, i flirt with no one.
u said u love me, but u said 'i love u' to them too.
well. one conclusion - guys. they're a good friend. and a bad sweetheart.

i wonder. all the sweet things u did. all the tears, when i left u b4.
i just don't know, which are true and which are, fake. cuz u're just so fake.
when i asked u bout this, u said i don't believe u. how can i?
go find someone else. in letting u go, i'm loving myself.
because to u, it just a game. i'm starting to move on. u know all d right things to say.
i can love with all my heart. i know i've so much to give. but.
it just too little too late.

boy, i know i'm ur sweet lil girl. i know that i was a good girl to u.
but, enough with that. u didn't appreciate it. u took a chance.
made up a plan. take advantage of me.

so stop blaming me when i just dont trust boys. i mean.
when it comes to more than a friend. i just, don't. but i know.
and i have a bunch of. good bf - good boy friend ok.
they spice up my life with their craziness + high sense of humor.

aiman - don't worry. i'm good. i'm not sad. not anymore.
finaz - i've been keeping a lot of things. that i'll tell u 1 fine day. so that u know, what happened these few years. can't wait 2 c u again.
nabil - get well soon! take care.
kacak - sy ok. no worries. best of luck ya!

and to u, miss listener, tqvm =]

i'm good. we're all good. =D


.Nora Kacak. said...

ha. neh kes ape plak. patotla xrep msg. sorry sy tak angkat kol ptg td, benar2 tertido. penat. hey hey sapakah gerangannya ini. sudahla. pk exam. masa depan! take care moyang! =]tolong happy. tolong senyum.

ainaaamira. said...

qilah. good luck exam. :)

ra|nbOw said...

xreply sbb tgh bz. bnde ni jd around 11pm - 1am shja. pk exam la bgn ni. awk, last tu tnda smiley kan? cara sy type ni pon more to letting go kan? so sy ok. sy happy. sy senyum lg skali bwh tu. taw kan kalo sy ckp sy ok, maka sy ok. hurm. thanks.

ra|nbOw said...

ainaa ; thanks dear!!! insya allah. amin.

bhafashionista said...

no biggy at all. feel free to talk if anything happen. okay? ;)

shafinaz maruai said...
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tenggiling said...


ra|nbOw said...

bha ; ahah... thanks again. =]]

finaz ; u take care 2... oh. betul. kte redah jeee. eheh. thanks 4 that. =]]

nabil ; welcome.