Dec 16, 2009

those unplanned days

14th december 2009

slept at 10pm - 11pm, woke up, and stayed up til almost 7am.
7am - almost 2pm = sleep bout an hour. woke up again, on9, study, bath, went to college.
2pm - almost 5pm = exam VG2. the paper was ok-ok. not so good. not so bad.
5pm - almost 7pm = 6th sem DIB meeting. headache. grrr~ no holidays 4 this sem.
7pm - almost 8pm = dinner at wngsa melawati.
830pm - almost 10pm = rushed to su's house @ melawati and fetched asma with aisyah.
1030pm - 11pm = bath, rest. tried to sleep
12am = away to paris. ZzZzZz~~~

**it was a very messy day + tiring + fmly does matter. doesn't it?
**and i was thinking of waking up late, the next day.

15th december 2009

my day begun at 7am! dang. angan - angan bgn lmbt musnah! tensi hey. baru nak rest.
i woke up to face a day with a lot of unexpected things to happened.

7am - 9am
we realized kma's car has been sabotage. tayar pancit, both depan + belakang. kanan. abah was informed bout that, and we waited for a group of army came to help us.

suddenly, another things happened. i opened up my kembara's boot to check the water level etc. and, i accidentally dropped the radiator's cap into the car's engine. and, to make things worse, i didn't find it with my 2nd hand grade eyes. i've no torch light with me and i tried my best to search for that radiator cap with my baju kelawar!

armies arrived, they brought both 2 tyres to workshop. and still, i didn't manage to find my radiator's cap. while i was trying so hard, a good-looking + kind hearted neighbor of mine helped and, finally, with kma's hand, we got it! thee. thanks to kma + mr neighbor.

9am - 1115am
armies back. but the tires were still not ok. we changes our cloth (without bath), and went straight to the workshop slowly. we've no choice, we changed the tires and it cost RM240.

** kma cried. of course she did. myvi die xsampai 1 week lg taw.

aisyah was hungry. went to giant, bought some kitchen stuff and, arrived home at almost 1130am.

1130 am - 1230pm
on9, bath, out.

1230pm - 5pm
fetched both naiya + yamin. went to JJ wngsa maju. lunch. window shopping, and a lil shopping. thee. LITTLE ok. great time with both 2 gfs. and all 3 of us are missing all the other d12 members. =]]

** babe. naiya has been reading our blog all these time. haha.

530pm - 8pm
home sweet home. raining, so, i can't bring aisyah to any park or playground. bath.

8pm - almost 10pm
dinner with nora at wngsa melawati. damnnn sleepy. so, i need coffee.

10pm - almost 1130pm
both went to sri rampai oldtown with afiq, unplanned. thee. as usual, my favo - hazelnut ice blended.

1130pm - 12am
drove back to setiawngsa.

12am - 2am
tried to sleep. effect coffee tu lambat lah! T___T

2am - 4am

4am - now
awake. T______________T

** the beginning of d day, was stressful enough.
** the end of d day, was good enough.
** had a simple, quality time with my gf.
** and a fun, shame shy look photo shoot.
** i need more SLEEPPPP.

and this is, just for fun.
i mean, obviously, it is.
me & cigar? NO NO NO.


.fateha aziz. said...

qila, nampak kurus la dear

Anonymous said...

eh eh hazelnut ice blended. sama la kita. i love the drink too!

btw, qila dah kurus skrg XD

eeee jeleznya

ra|nbOw said...

haha. kalian mengarut. sesungguhnya itu mungkin camera angle je kot? tp tataw tang mane NAMPAK MACAM kurus tuh. sbb hakikatnye mcm gummy bear sudah T__T

hazelnut. mmg best!! =]