Dec 13, 2009

ordinary day of my simple life

yesterday was tiring. i did my laundry at night, and i slept while waiting 4 it. as early as 10pm, and woke up at 11pm. there's a technical prob with the washing machine so i've to check it out like, very often. and, my phone keep on ringing, so did SMS keep on coming in. i was very tired, so i continue sleeping til 12am, again and again SMS keep on coming every hour. from different ppl, of course. it's quite distracting but it's ok. it just that i don't have any energy 2 reply anymore. then i awake again at 3am, and replied 1 of those msg. 3-4 msg, and... ZzZzZz til 630am, just now.

finish up my laundry, watering those plants, and breakfast with ttm at 8am, almost 2 hours ago huh? and at this very moment... i feel like, very tired yet so sleepy. i wanna rest, but, i can't. slowly, i will. i'm worried bout 2morrow. i really3 dont have enough notes. with this very slow internet connection, it make thing worse. my 1st paper... hurm. i hope, what i've learned from all my practical class, will help a lot. i don't want to repeat the same mistake like i did last sem. so, if i cant make it 2morrow, i've to cover it with another 3 subjs. i will then, insya allah.

btw, i had a lot of nightmare these few days. does it means anything? idk. different dream, but all were bad one. and so, cik (grandma)

maharani ku - cik

with asma (kak sally's youngest sibling) will come tomorrow. and stay with us for a while. asma just finished her spm and never been to kl yet, so, y not kan? i would b ur guardian. hek eleh. ye ke? erm. blh kot. tp ongkos tgh kureng. akan ku usahekan ye cik asma. so i guess i need to clean up this house a lil bit. ok lah. that's all for now.


Anonymous said...

yea, gud luck qila!
jawab elok elok n baca baik baik final nanti

.Nora Kacak. said...

uik moyang. awk nk kata awk byk peminat dr sy la tu kan kan? hahahaah. all da best oit! =)

ra|nbOw said...

fatyn ; thanks bby! insya allah. i've got that spirit, well better than last sem. eheh.

nora ; haha. mane ade la syg. u too. all the very bery best! =]]