Dec 11, 2009

a long day

eh. i guess 'a short day' would b a better title. grr~ yesterday. i drove to rampai court-wngsa maju and did my most-expensive facial treatment ever. seriously, but it was paid already. they opened a small stall at wangsa walk, and i bought the voucher with RM99++. the exact cost is - RM250 ok. what's so special bout it?

  1. 3 hours - i thought it was only an hour, and half, kot? cpt mase habis T__T
  2. no-hard-time at all. haha. stupido statements. well, it doesn't hurt. at all.
  3. they used a special idk-scissors to PULL away ur blackhead n whitehead.
  4. there's a bubble mask (1st time) and, u can feel it's bubbling on ur face
  5. the hand and shoulder massage was good.

then, i drove back to setiawngsa, stopped by at the food court, and go home. ate my lunch at almost 3pm, and met dila & salghee 4 a while. dilla masham gave me MCP notes + salghee borrowed my torch light. and then, i met TTM. mengimbas kembali kenangan lama bersama - sama. at first, we laughed. then aku plak ter-Emo lebeyh3 sampai kuar air terjun sg golok an. haha. then, we're good. night, tibai nasi ayam. and, golek2 atas katil. thee. main msg tah ngan bape org sampai penink2 hey. haha.

i realized 1 thing - my driving skill is better. but still, parking cam hape. ala. redah je an. as long as i'm totally good. cheywah. and kma got her 1st car, finally! black myvi, manual ppl! sampai kiamat la kte x akan drive kereta awk kma. haha. so, officially, each of us would be driving our own car. i mean, we're not sharing anymore la kan. alaaa. but still blh tukar2 kereta. kan korang? i mean, us - mama. me. kak sally. kma. kereta kma cacat, the only black car. mostly ours are silver.

btw. i can't wait 4 saturday. oh, tomorrow. my communicative english class. thee. ade mangkin ni! mangkin yg bisa buat aku berdebar - debar. haha. mengong. sudahlah. **blushing** act, i was thinking of doing some crazy stuff. but mama wouldn't allowed me 2 do so. and, i can't. sbb mulut mama masin. if she said NO, then don't. or u might see urself crying 4 ur own stupidity the next day. rase mcm nak gi jln lah. i mean window shopping, tgk movie. but, i don't know, betul2 nak gi or x.

well. next monday, would b my 1st paper. dang dang~ nak mati aihh. wish me luck. thanks 4 those who already did. =]] owh yar, i was thinking of visiting mak cik som @ sg besi n finaz's fmly @ rawang too. but i don't have much time, for now. but i will go. i miss them.


.Nora Kacak. said...

- sabtu @ RM 20! @ S! lalalal. Debar2. nk tak sy menyanyi lagu CT, debaran Cinta. Hahhahaha

- wahahaha makcik som! & budak2 dagu terbelah itu! selamat melawat =]

- gudluck exam m0yang! selamat mencari jawapan kpd soklan yg sy taep semalam. penink! haha. =]

ayong said...

gud luck yang for the exam!

| AiNaa K | said...

good luck sis! =))

ra|nbOw said...

nora ; ahah. nnt ble free exam week ni maw ke sane. rm20 tu awk yg prepare awal2 ok. hahahahaha. thanks 4 that vg things =]

ayong ; tqvm darl!

ainaa ; thanks sista =]

tenggiling said...

manual ke auto ke same jerk.. cume tambah satu paddle.. try!!

ra|nbOw said...

wahahahha. tammmmoooo!!! tkot!!! XD