Dec 8, 2009

i feel good.. na na na na na na na

ok lah. phsysically, i'm not that good. well, flu, fever, throat prob etc. (hingus pun dah berdarah nak ckp ape.. jap penink, jap ok.) but better! i slept at 6am, i woke up at 10am and i went to college at 11++am. and i was there til 7pm. with a roll of toilet tissue with me all the time. pity me~ it's a study week, should be i have no class at all, but still we had a lot of meeting. (nape pagi2 bute pun slow gleee tenet ni? haih~...)

ok lah. 1st of all, i feel good because, i dont know, somehow i feel that i'm blessed. alhamdulilah. *wink wink* excited benarnye... sbb. thee... sbb semlm finaz msg. pastu shahli pun msg. pastu ramai la msg. haha. hari2 pun ade org msg. tp plg mahal shahli n finaz la. pastuu tgh demam2 ni blh plak la kan. sengih sorang2 mcm kerang busuk. hahahahahahaha... because, well, things i've never expected, mestilah happy an. =]

next week final. mcm x confident plak. i mean, occasionally, i'm worried about my carry marks. and yet, i've made a promise to myself - no more fast food 4 this year. eh biarlah! even though 23 days left, ONLY, still dikira what. (internet, blh x jgn sampai aku bunuh diri) for today, i need to go to any clinic or pharmacy, seriously, i've too. obviously because, a lot off ppl arounds me keep on babbling bout that. flu owh fever owh throat~ '-__- aiyaaa. lmbt nye la the end of d month an? duit kering da ni... it's NO... yerlah, i mean every1 is enjoying the YES - Year End Sale, but i said NO. haha.

jangan bilang tidak - never say never. the fray, bila nak buat concert dkt mlysia? plz plz plz!!!
i promise u i'm 100% sure i'm gonna b there. plz..!!! (as if u can here me mumbling over here.)
oklah. nora told me - jgan cakap TAK, cuz i'm gonna do it anyway OR it's gonna happen.
i don't believe it at 1st, but, sometimes, it is. ITs TRUE. kalau macam tu an... thee.

I DONT wanna marry a dentist graduated from Indonesia (sumpah poyo..)
I DONT wanna get a PHD from some international University out there.
I DONT want to be a rich, beautiful (inside and outside) woman someday.
I AM NOT eager to see my old friends, that i just DONT miss at all.
I AM NOT a bombastic, fun-2 b with, crazy but matured enough girl.
I AM NOT GONNA lose my weight. never. (hahahahahahha...)
I DONT WANT to get well so soon. lalalala~~~

well. u know, it's all, in the opposite. kan? HAHHAHAHAHAHA... XD
and nora said too, i should say - kita tnggu dan lihat.
so. ok, i'll wait and see. no no, WE, will wait and see. =DD


Cek Rosy Daisy said...

its opposite bile dibuat ngan tanpe sedar.. but kalaw purposely wish for those, mmg cemtu la yg akan jadi..

jeng3.. saja maw bikin cuak.. =p

.Nora Kacak. said...

well. well. hahahaa, igt ag msg pas awk excited2 neh? label - as i am, lesson learned. masyallah hebatnya NK. ahhahaahahaha. =]

| AiNaa K | said...

marry a dentist graduated from Indonesia?
ohhh ni ainaa bleh adjust sis.
anytime je bleh pesan kat kakak ainaa kat Indonesia tu.
cuma kalau nak guarantee Encik BH tu x bleh la.

ra|nbOw said...

rosy daisy ; ahah. saje jeee an. x de! hati kte nak opposite! XD

nora ; hahahahhaahha. shaddap uuu. mmg btol an. XD

ainaa ; ahah. kak alyaa U mane dkt indon??? wahahahahha. en BH. we'll wait and see =]]