Dec 12, 2009

exam, and life schedule

ok fine, ape jadahnye da penat mate + otak. waaaaaaaa.. currently, i'm writing live from starbucks at jj au-keramat. i'm having a cup of large mocha ice blended and still, hoping that i wouldn't feel sleepy, at all. owh plz, my 1st paper is gonna b on monday and god knows how much i'm so3 not ready for it! i need to stay focus. T__T for this upcoming paper, it's VG 2 (videography 2), and we did a lot of practical stuff. so, basically i just have no idea on, what would this exam paper looks like. ok. take a break. breathe in, breathe out. ahah... and guess what, we need to FIND all the VG notes from the internet, and that's what i'm doing at this very moment... and it is very frustrating to see that i don't have enough notes, yet.

yesterday was exhausting. i woke up early in the morning, around 6++, and on9. took my bath, went to college 4 meeting, and an unplanned reccee. so, 2 cars, with 6 ppls, (3 ppl each) and, 3 places to go around ampang and klcc. we were stuck with traffic jam during solat jumaat and, that was my 1st time driving around klcc at that chaotic hours. and i'm proud of myself. aite leon n dilla masham? ahah. back 2 college around 2++ pm. lunch, and went back home around 3++. around 5pm, i fetched up kma LRT setiawngsa, and i've got a compliment. "makin lajuuu bwk skrng. terkejut tgk" hahahahaha... well, good 4 me =P

went home, bath, and straight to carre4 wngsa maju + giant permata. kma had to buy some stuff 4 her officemate's wedding and sister bday. bought some bday goodies, microwave & we had our dinner around 10pm. we can't even open our eyes. danggg... tired and sleepy. arrived home at 11++, and prepared the goodies bag. had a family talk with abg p, and we went to bed around 2am.

as for today, i woke up around 7am. on9, bath, breakfast and straight to UIA. i was there at 840am. freaking early. haha. so, i called mama, and the class begin around 910am. thee. 930am, he knocked the door, and walked slowly into the class. i just cant-stop-myself-from smiling. hahahahaha... sudahlah! malulah kalau die bace blog ni. mati! this lil brother, has an eyes, a smile, skin, body, laugh, just like BH. at least i've got a, erm, some1 who can cure my heart. eh. skeee hati ckp camtu an. then we had a group presentation. and 1 group dgn die! haha. ske ske ske. aihhh, i just cant take my eyes away from him when i saw his smiling face. ok. baiklah. tamat. sy hanya memuji dia~

nasz, my ex-schoolmate back 2 mrsm sms me, and asked me to join her at klcc with tj, his gf, and ridhwan. but, i can't. waaaaaaa. exam! next 18th dec maybe. insya allah. Ainaa amira, anda mesti join ok! XD so, then, i went back home, take a nap, lunch, and here i am. stuck with this VG quests. grrr~~~ it's very cold here, and i'm having a headache. so far, it's a good days lately, and yes, i laughed a lot. =]]


.Nora Kacak. said...

rm20 menantiku! XD.

ra|nbOw said...

shaddap u. perasan. simpan duit leklok. haha.

fishlol~ said...

good luck for exam.
kalo tak leh jawab goreng jeh.
jgn tggl kosong..

ra|nbOw said...

huhu. thanks hafish. tp kdg mmg da blank gle sampai ape nak hentam pun tataw. haha XD

ainaaamira. said...

qilah. 18th dec...nak keluar ke?
aku pergi indon.
sedare aku kawen. T_______T

ni yg sdey ni.

tenggiling said...

have a better life..

ra|nbOw said...

ainaa ; ahah. x peee. aku taw ko excited maw g tgk cousin kawin. eheh... =]]

nabil ; hurm... what do u mean? btw thanks.