Dec 28, 2009

jumpa 3 superheroes *wink wink*

this post was written bout few days ago, or a week ago, maybe T_T

thee. bnyk gle post tertangguh owh! seriously bnyk bnde nak cite. aih. seronok. haha. ok ok. lets talk bout what happened on 23rd dec 2009 1st - wednesday.

4am - 7am = sleep. solat.
7am - 11am = settle down fmly matters. bath. sengih2 koya.
11am - 1220pm = lrt 2 kl central, ktm 2 mid valley.

1220pm - 215pm = zaid arrived early, he bought the movie tickets - avatar. thanks zaid utk movie! and shahli arrived at the same time with me. i saw him. from the backside. guess what i did? hee. stop walking, standing, looking at him with my face smiling. haha. excited sorang2 dlu dkt belakang. baru approach shahli. when we were about to go to escalator, shahli tegur, "cantik flip flop" wahhh. mestilah. die yg kasi. 9 months ago~

went to carre4 2 met zaid, carl's junior 4 lunch. that was zaid suggestion. both ordered medium size sets, and i just-dont-know-the big size-isverygiantsize. last2 mkn fries n habiskan air ice lemon tea shja. burger campak dlm handbag. haha '-__- mesti x de pompuan lain buh burger besar gedabak tuh dlm handbag kan? lalala~~~ btw. thanks shahli utk lunch!

solat. rush 2 cinema. since both shahli + me da tgk cerita tu, maka kami bosan2, lenguh2, ngantok alam skit la sbb ddk 2nd seat from the front. gaaaa~ demimu zaid. haha. i sat on the left, shahli in the middle, and zaid at the right. at the last hour of d movie, shahli was sleeping. and, i turn to my right, look at his face, and smiled slightly. hahahahaha... OG. (org gila)

5pm - 830pm = tea time! they both went to the toilet 1st, and that's when i met nana, collegemate. die ckp shahli handsome. hahahahahaha... and so, pergi big apple! 3 beverages / 6 donuts. n i've got 3 plain donuts 4 free + a free chipmunks notebook! yeay! berebut dgn shahli. sob3... die maw bwk blk indon, tp tammo kasi! haha.

ate a few donuts, semua gg jd rongak! haha. solat asar, and terus tnggu maghrib. tnggu wkt solat dkt luar surau.

bout almost 30 mins later, solat maghrib and went to MPH while waiting 4 s.a.b.i a.k.a wan dtg ambik. maw g lepak minum2. MPH, tmpt wajib shahli mesti pergi. otw there, terjmpa ainaa amira plak. kwn ku di lipis~! x mcm maw terjerit jmpe die sampai mrka 2 terkejut. haha... excited jmpe die! and ainaa trus ckp "aku bace blog ko!" haha. at last, ainaa dpt jmpe mereka face2face. hee. and ainaa ckp, nmpk muka ini berseri - seri. XD

and so, teringtlah pernah bgtaw die, "qla nak novel p/s; i love u tu dr shahli je." i've told him almost a year ago. then ternmpk lah novel tuh... ambik. tunjuk dkt die. zaid ade, segan2 skit la. haha... he tooked that novel from me. i went to the toilet, and saw a MPH plastic bag on his hand. gaaaa~ outta from MPH, and that's the moment he gave me the novel. ble zaid jauh skitt... waaaaaaaa. erm. sudahlah. haha. then, went near KTM station and waited for sabi.

830pm - 1130pm = sabi drove us 2 bangsar area. near bangsar village. and they had their dinner. korang ckp aku diam an, nmpk sgt selama ni mulot aku cam pop corn an... haha. xdela. diam tp, dlm hati mcm2 aku ckp. lgpun aku nak ckp pe sgt, da korang pun ckp x berhenti. haha.. skeee tgk korang. ngan lawak mengong korang. and and, bkn senang nak jmpe korang an. fhm korang da de awek masing2~~~ haha. plus dgn study pe sume jauh2... so aku tgkla muka korang puas2. ahah...

habis mkn, gi je dkt kereta, sabi x jmpe kunci. skali, kunci ade dlm kereta. baikkk pnyeee~

tnggu almost half an hour jgk mereka settlekan. sy? bace notes. esoknya exam! terbaikkk pnyeee~ grrr... taw. berani mati. tp zaid, wan, shahli, korang patot terharu taw. nak jmpe korang pnye pasal, sanggup aku study awal2... haha. pdhal. taw je la sape plg utama aku nak jmpe kan. *wink wink*

and for the very 1st time, mereka ber3 hantar sy betol2 dpn rumah. so, korang da taw rumah aku an, dtglahhh beraya ke suka suki an... bwk akak2 ipar aku. haha. and, shahli sempat ckp "i hope u enjoy da novel" thee. of course i'll. it's a lil something from u. siap semua nak berebut touch&go aku. hahahaha... lawak lah korang nih! 

overall, here's another pixca of us. and, ade lg simpanan sdn bhd + d fb! yg de d blog ini tiada d fb! =]



wan @ sabi

p/s ; terima kasih tak terhingga lg skali jgk ye zaid n sabi. =]]

Dec 24, 2009

to be continue...

seandainya kau berada di depan mata
mudah utk aku berkata - kata

- ahli fiqir


to be continue.

Dec 23, 2009


one word = H A P P Y.

i was in the car just now. zaid SMS. sesetgh SMS telah ter-delete. so ni half of them.

zaid ; hai aqilah.. aqilah dh mkn? aqilah sht? aqilah ade kelas esk? aqilah free x esk? hahahaha
me ; hye. da mkn. sehat. x de class.. nape weyh? (lain mcm pnye gedik je cara ko msg aku.. haha)
zaid ; waaa..bgs2..g mid jom esk..tgk ko dah tgk?
me ; da tgk aa.. setelah sebln lbeyh x tgk movie.. huu. sape lg? akak ipar? haha..
zaid ; ceh..akak ipar x dpt dtg esk..shahli..hehehe
me ; ko tpu ar shahli! huu.. tpu tpu.
zaid ; ape? btl la..die msg ak die baru blh gune
me ; ko biar btol.. ala. mesti die ajak ko sorang. kalo x lame da die msg aku.. x caye la. huu..
zaid ; aqilah,ini bkn cobaan ak utk ajak ko,ak xtpu..shahli mmg ade..


terbantut sebentar. ade phone call. no celcom. mcm familiar... hurm... angkt je lah!
grrr~ shahli. OMG. it's really him! wahahaha... i just cant stop laughing. ishhhh.
will be in Mlysia for a week of two. christmas holiday, not semester break.
i ignore all my cousins in the car. and, u know. i just cant stop smiling. thee.
talk 4 a while. and, i was so excited sampai die ckp ape pun, mcm blur2. koya gileee. haha.
ermmm... then terus call nora. call mama. and kma semua pon happy utk sy! haha.


call mama.

me ; mama. i'm out of battery. 1 thing to tell u.
mama ; ape die?
me ; shahli call td! and nak jmpe die esok! thee.
mama ; wahhhhhhh. ye ke??? bestnye!!! kirim salam!!! pakai cantik2!!!
me ; hahahaha. baiklah mama. =]]

1 thing 4 sure. i never expected to meet u twice for this year. i thought, it would be only once.
but. u know, perhaps, god just knows better =]

sudahlah. ketepikan dulu segala dugaan yg mendtg. 12pm. mid valley. =]

Dec 22, 2009

time, i need u more than u know.

hye. so here i am, at this boring starbucks again. well hey, i need some time alone 4 this very moment. well ppl. i'm tired. physically and mentally. i' m soooo bz, well, not really. but i'm. i wish that i have more than 24 hours a day. and, *sight* a lot of unpredictable, accidentally happened and some time i was thinking of giving it up. being totally selfish, and ignore others and just show not respect towards eldest. not at all.

fyi, i only slept for 3-4 hours per day for this 3-4 weeks. why? well hey. i could say, it's because of my exam, fmly, friends, etc. but hey, i've spent a lot of great time as well. yes i did. u know what's the main reason of me, being here? to get a good internet access to keep me blogging. ahah. yeah, i miss this mr bloggie. y mr? idk. i just love to call it mr bloggie. lalalalala~ owh perhaps, maybe, i was assuming mr bloggie as my bf. which is not, obviously.

btw. a lot of things happened. and, mostly were unplanned. hurmmm... ok. let see. let's start with 17th dec 2009, thursday. i've got a phone called from my collegemates, salmiza

her ; weyh. ko nak gi tak? hari ni?
me ; hari ni ke? kan baru rabu.
her ; khamis dah lah!
me ; ha. wait a minute! jap jap jap!!!! (jerit x ingt dunia)
(and i was looking at the calendar, pointing my fingers at... OMG. it's 17th, thursday)
me ; errr... sal. sorry. x kot. cousin aku 2 org ade. huu.

and yet. for the 1st time, i ever cooked chinese fried rice. hahahaha. well i know it's the simplest thing to cook, but, i've never try that. lauk biase, and nasi ke ape, blh. but nasi goreng? haha. i've never did that. wawawawa... and, so, i tried my best, using all the stuff we had in the kitchen, and yeay! i did it well!!! habis 1 kuali besar itu. mestilah bangga. =D

and so, i'll story bout last friday - sunday, later. i wanna tell bout yesterday. yes, 21st of december 2009. another day that shows, family does matter. ahah...

21st december 2009

i slept at 2am and woke up at almost 6am. did my last-minute-relaxing-study for both directing and broadcast journalism BJ paper. done with it around 730am, took my bath, and went straight 2 d college. so, had my BJ paper from 900am - 1130am. damn! the paper was not easy for me. well, others might think of the opposite of it. daa~ it's over.

1130am - 1pm = final project meeting with pn. zura. it's a next sem subj ppl. grrr~ and we've got a lot of things 2 b done b4 18th of jan 2010 - beginning of new sem.

1pm - 230pm = went straight to surau. solat. study. exam hall.

250pm - 550pm = directing paper. though, also. i left the exam hall around 5pm. took a ride with widae + salghee. thanks guys. really miss both u. my old-housemates. it's been a while since we last hang out 2gether.

500pm - 830pm = home sweet home. ate my so-so-late lunch, did my laundry, take a look at both merc and kembara, took my bath, solat etc.

830pm - 900pm = i was going to melawati with kak sally, to fetch asma + aisyah at su's house. and suddenly, auntie called, and asked us to take her to the GH general hospital a.k.a hosp besar kuala lumpur. lucky that she stays at kemensah. and lucky that, we're almost there.

900pm - almost 11pm = idk where the H is GH. i know those road, but i didn't know it was there! grrr... so i called so-call-best friend, afiq. and asked him the way 2 go there. kak sally was panic. so, she asked afiq to drive. owh yar, auntie sesak nafas. it was, all of sudden. and thats y we need 2 go to GH.

i was thinking of going to the nearer hosp - ampang pu3, pusrawi, etc. but auntie still wanted to go to GH. and FYI - i didn't bring both of my maxis hp. i only bring my celcom - which is my fmly hp. and, FYI, i only wore a pinky shirt of hello kitty + my flowerish pant. god! and a shawl, with no brooch or pin. grrr~ well, i thought we were only heading to su's house.

and then, kak sally sat at d back with auntie. while afiq drove kak sally's car. we're there and straight to emergency department. kak sally was with auntie, while me and afiq, we're searching over the whole hosp 4 a parking '-___- and then, we waited at the parking lot, under the tree, and he smoke, and we talked bout lots of thing.

11pm - 1130pm = for now, auntie was admitted there. and, still she is, and so, we went straight to melawati. sent afiq home. and went to su's house. fetched asma + aisyah + cik. straight to home. tired. yes i am.

12am = home sweet home. clean up the house 4 a while.

1am - 3am = was about to sleep. and, yeah, i was half-dead.

3am - 5am = kak sally woke me up. cik was awake too. and i was like? "what's now?" and she said, "hosp. Dr call" well. we were freaking nervous and arrived at the hosp to hear the dr said "dia meracau. dia ckp nak jmpa fmly" T__T i was very bery da tired ok. and stayed there 4 a while. until 5am, left cik there.

5am - 620am = arrived home around 530am. and slept at 620am just now. and, again, woke up at 830am. teh & fmly are here, they took aisyah and went straight to the hosp.

so... another day begin - today. 22nd of december 2009 T__T

see. i've told ya. i only sleep bout 4 hours, total. and so, as for today... 22nd of december 2009

cleaned up all the mess at home, with kak ngah's children at the house. ate my lunch around 12pm. and then, teh & others were home, and hungry. so, there i go, to the food court, and buy lots of foods and went home. solat, and here i am. starbucks. for some peace of mind. and to express everything, here. mr bloggie. u just dont know how much imy.

since i'm so bz. and so tired of every mess in life. i hope, there's some of u out there, will try 2 understand my situation. i' m sorry that i dont have enough time for every1. and that i cant always be that sweet-n-nice-neversayno girl. well, enough with that, i'm a human with a feeling too. stop thinking of being 24hours pampered by me. ok. cuz i can't always do that. tq

phew~ what a day. aite? so much more to catch up. that's all for now, so far.


afiq - tqvm for always being there. well, u know 100% bout muh fmly aite. tq again!
hawa - bby. be good. be cool. imy. ily. 4get bout those with the stupid behavior.
babe - be strong. like really strong. Allah, with us all the way.

Dec 16, 2009

those unplanned days

14th december 2009

slept at 10pm - 11pm, woke up, and stayed up til almost 7am.
7am - almost 2pm = sleep bout an hour. woke up again, on9, study, bath, went to college.
2pm - almost 5pm = exam VG2. the paper was ok-ok. not so good. not so bad.
5pm - almost 7pm = 6th sem DIB meeting. headache. grrr~ no holidays 4 this sem.
7pm - almost 8pm = dinner at wngsa melawati.
830pm - almost 10pm = rushed to su's house @ melawati and fetched asma with aisyah.
1030pm - 11pm = bath, rest. tried to sleep
12am = away to paris. ZzZzZz~~~

**it was a very messy day + tiring + fmly does matter. doesn't it?
**and i was thinking of waking up late, the next day.

15th december 2009

my day begun at 7am! dang. angan - angan bgn lmbt musnah! tensi hey. baru nak rest.
i woke up to face a day with a lot of unexpected things to happened.

7am - 9am
we realized kma's car has been sabotage. tayar pancit, both depan + belakang. kanan. abah was informed bout that, and we waited for a group of army came to help us.

suddenly, another things happened. i opened up my kembara's boot to check the water level etc. and, i accidentally dropped the radiator's cap into the car's engine. and, to make things worse, i didn't find it with my 2nd hand grade eyes. i've no torch light with me and i tried my best to search for that radiator cap with my baju kelawar!

armies arrived, they brought both 2 tyres to workshop. and still, i didn't manage to find my radiator's cap. while i was trying so hard, a good-looking + kind hearted neighbor of mine helped and, finally, with kma's hand, we got it! thee. thanks to kma + mr neighbor.

9am - 1115am
armies back. but the tires were still not ok. we changes our cloth (without bath), and went straight to the workshop slowly. we've no choice, we changed the tires and it cost RM240.

** kma cried. of course she did. myvi die xsampai 1 week lg taw.

aisyah was hungry. went to giant, bought some kitchen stuff and, arrived home at almost 1130am.

1130 am - 1230pm
on9, bath, out.

1230pm - 5pm
fetched both naiya + yamin. went to JJ wngsa maju. lunch. window shopping, and a lil shopping. thee. LITTLE ok. great time with both 2 gfs. and all 3 of us are missing all the other d12 members. =]]

** babe. naiya has been reading our blog all these time. haha.

530pm - 8pm
home sweet home. raining, so, i can't bring aisyah to any park or playground. bath.

8pm - almost 10pm
dinner with nora at wngsa melawati. damnnn sleepy. so, i need coffee.

10pm - almost 1130pm
both went to sri rampai oldtown with afiq, unplanned. thee. as usual, my favo - hazelnut ice blended.

1130pm - 12am
drove back to setiawngsa.

12am - 2am
tried to sleep. effect coffee tu lambat lah! T___T

2am - 4am

4am - now
awake. T______________T

** the beginning of d day, was stressful enough.
** the end of d day, was good enough.
** had a simple, quality time with my gf.
** and a fun, shame shy look photo shoot.
** i need more SLEEPPPP.

and this is, just for fun.
i mean, obviously, it is.
me & cigar? NO NO NO.