Nov 28, 2009

the simplest eid, kot?

so, ppl, how's ya eidul adha? it must be great aite... suddenly, i've got a new experienced in my life. (cam gempak sgt je bunyik..) for the 1st time in my life, i ate nothing connected with hari raya, yesterday. well, my day begun at 6, with solat subuh. and, i called mama, to wish happy eid. and then i slept at 8am, and, woke up at 940am, only, because, a friend called me. pot pet for a couple of minutes, and then... i went to kma's room to wake her up. and, since, they were only 2 of us, we decided to go to JJ for FOODDD ppl. naaaa... we aren't invited to any open house(s), so, beginilah nasib~~~ haha... eh no, kma's friend, yana, did invite us to her house but, segan la.

so, we both sitting at the sofa, in front of the tv and... wonder. what r we going 2 do. we both then prepared ourself with kebaya + jeans and it was almost 1230 pm by that time. and... it was my first time wearing mascara + blusher on my cheek. like seriously~ and it was only with one purposed - try in error + just for fun. i make it simple and not bad, i did it well and still looks natural. thee. so... kma's friend, yana, fetched us and, 1st place was... mc d! oh yeah. i was hungry and so, i ate prosperity beef around 1pm. puas hati! black pepper!

black pepper! i can't resist u. ilysm!

and so, we went straight to the garden, mid valley. and yes, i walked with heels! =P
no worries, no terkehel, termelecet (well, almost =P), and no ter-pe-le-ot.

as we arrived there, we went straight to isetan and straight to burberry. whoaaa.
i know that the standard tshirt price was about RM 400 - RM 500. but, i never expected that
all the handbags cost about thousand~ hell yeah it was so simple and super duper expensive!
the watch was, about RM1000 and above. whoaaaaaaaaaaaa. as for me, that is over-expensive.

sis yana's watch. and it was RM1000++

and lemme tell ya what, yana bought only 2 things which was burberry handbag and watch,
and the total cost was... RM 3892, with cash. and... the 1st thing on my mind was,
"this is the 1st time i saw 4-digits-no at a small cashier and it was paid with cash"

her handbag was RM2700.

kalau dkt bank or somewhere else bigger tak terkejut sgt lah... ahah. and sis yana, i wanna tell u.
i love ur armani exchange handbag. and it was about RM600++? uhuuu... T___T

went to GSC, but 2012 and new moon was fully booked, so... we went to damansara.
yeah! finally, new moon at 420pm @ cinileisure damansara. and for the 1st time...
i ate ayam penyet, around 345pm. sis yana was hungry, and so, i shared those food with kma.
tp kan... mcm x kene penyet pon ayam tu? ahah... pas2, new moon lah! thee.

my opinion, edward is not a handsome guy, but, the best thing is -
the way he loves bella + his charisma. cheywahhh.
jacob is pretty beautiful. haha.

muka excited weyh, sampai kena sound dgn kma sbb tgk cite tu dgn muka2 n tgn2. haha.
u just don't know how do i look like ble over-excited. *tnye finaz. nora. shahli. afiq. dila. kma*
almost 2 hours later, we outta from that place and, sampai je setiawngsa, terus, keluar semula.

this time, wangsa walk. with auntie + kak long n kiddies too. and so... excited jmpe armani.
budak kecikkk berbaju oren! ahah. time ddk kiss2 armani, farouq hantar msg ckp nmpk sy.
tp tak pula ditegurnya. haha. x nmpk lah! org rabun. buekkk =P lain kali jerit jaa. haha.
pastu dinner lah ke pizza hut nearby. and yet, dpt lah rasa semlm rezeki makanan tu sgt bnyk.
even, no ketupat, no rendang or lemang, no nasi beriyani, nasi minyak or nasi dagang. huhu.
sampai rumah, mandi, tgk tv, and i slept around 1230++ am. so... tamatlah hari raya aidiladha. =]


ayong said...

qila, ayong mkn gak raya nye fud, tpi tak pki bju raya pon. kuar gi beli brg wit tshirt n 3/4. haha. sdgkan org lain pki bju melayu n kurung. hahaha!

ra|nbOw said...

ayong ; ahah. itulah! x pakai bju raye pom. huhu. haha. taw xpeee! dkt the garden tuh x cam kte org je yg malay. ssh gleee nak jmpe malay T__T

Anonymous said...

yup burberry. memang mahai.
kalo skrg ni ada duit pon rasanya tak beli
membazir ja
tapi kalau bebetul dah kaya sampai tataw nak lempaq duit kat mana, baru beli

fishlol~ said...

ayam penyet tu bukan ayam tu kene hempap ke ape..
penyet tu tempat kt indon.
sbb tula nasi aym penyet tak kne penyet pon..haha

aLam maya said...

salam aidiladha qila :)
oh new moon memang best. bella cantik. haha

ra|nbOw said...

fatyn ; selame ni da taw harge baju die. tp x sngka plak handbag beribu riban jgk. wahaha. itulah. kot2 nnt kaye gileee kan. ahah

hafish ; hahahahaha. tergelak aku baceeee komen ko. wakakaak. sumpah baru taw~

sidqi ; ahah. salam aidiladha jgk! itulah. bella cantik skit dlm new moon

.Nora Kacak. said...

klo mokcik neh over excited, dok jauh2. amik kekanak pink. katup muka kuat2 n buat2 tak kenal. hahahahhahahaa.

1 thing sy tak penah cakap:
sy enjoy bile tgk awk macamtuh. serius. =]]

Cek Rosy Daisy said...

u dun have to watch 2012 la.. not a gud movie to watch..
and i dont care what other ppl say about edward culle.. i adore him real much..!! i love edward & not robert!! anyways, kite jeles ngan kamu.. kita tak dpt lagi prosperity burger.. huhu~

-rosy daisy-