Nov 19, 2009

it's my life

dear friends, ex(s), histories, family, etc.

don't love me, like deeply, cuz u might get hurt at the end of d day.
don't make me love u, cuz once i love u, i always do.

i realize, and learned that, in life... some time.

i have to deal with things that i dislike, perhaps, hate.
i have to go with the flow, but i do, have to stand up 4 myself.
i can b the happiest person in front of others, but still ppl will think i'm weak.
i can smile slightly, but still they said it's fake. when the truth is, i'm not faking it.
quiet is the best way to tell that u r angry, mad.
i have to accept that, ppl dislike me, but still, a thousand of ppl love me.
i need to break my heart, rather than breaking others.
i have to forget bout my feeling, and respects others esp eldest.
i must learn to love myself, so that i can love others.

I’ve been living in this world for 20 years, and I should say, life is short and it is not as easy as A,B,C. But, I believe that we can make it easier. How we choose to live is what we are today. I was once, one of those people who decided to go with the flow. I am shy enough to speak up but deep in my heart, I know I can be the one who shout out loud in the crowd. I should’ve stand on my own and speak up about my opinion and perspective. And the good part is, I’ve change. It shows me more about being brave and confident in my life.

Freedom is what every people asking for in their life, and I am trying to use it wisely, because I don’t want to spend half of my life thinking about all the silly things I might have done. Life shows me there is no turning back. Life itself is getting harder as time goes by. It said, “luck ain’t even lucky, got to make your own breaks”. I won’t get lucky every day, so, I’m the one who made up my day and choose to have a good day, or bad day. I think of the pro and contra of every decision i have to make. And yet, so far, I can see that my life is better in every single day. I also believe that positive thinking is very important in making my life richer.

Being very fragile is not good either. Shouldn’t break and easily give up. God is fair enough. He wouldn’t test us with things that we couldn’t handle. It means that I just have to keep on being patience, and live my life to the fullest. There is no need to be afraid when I know, I did the right thing. I shouldn’t listen to others, who is breaking me down. But perhaps, I can take it as a positive criticism to be better. It’s my life and I did it my way, to be myself today.

but those 3 paragraph above, wasn't totally me. cuz, it was just a part of my essay for MCP -it's my life asssignment. i'm not that strong, but u should know, i did try my best to be strong enough. and... what i hate the most, when u're trying 2 b stronger than me, but the truth is u r wayyyy tooooo lost, pathetic and weaker than me. thank u.


ayong said...

dear, to be truth, kadang2 kite nmpk orang tu happy, tapi dlm diri die tak tahu die happy ke tak. we are acting on our own life sebab nk puaskan hati semua orang kan? i think i understand wat u goin thru. btw dear, be strong! all the people that loved u will support u from the back! :D

ainaaamira. said...

once i love u. i always do. :)

i might not as close as the others to you.
but, remember, i love the way you are.

ra|nbOw said...

ayong ; yes. org yg nmpk sdeyh tu kdg x de mslh bnde pom. huhu... begitulah sebaliknye. owh yar, kte try puaskan hati sume org... ahah. strong la nih. XD thanks dear!!! =]]

ainaa ; ahah. i love the way u r too. sorang je ainaa amira yg aku kenal dlm dunia ni =]]

Anonymous said...

gunakan peluang yang diberi sebaik baiknya
hargai masa yang ada
kan qila?

tenggiling said...

life full of drama rite?? hurmm..~