Sep 8, 2009

yesterday, i cried in the class

owhh yess. i WAS a drama queen, few years ago, but yesterday, was not a drama ok. and, it just a few drop of tears la. haha. maluuu weyh... XD well hey, the news was ok. it was a 1st-time-trial, so, every1 made mistake. and. ok, lots of mistake but the small one. and we learned, as we moved on. and, the 1st group did a mistake too, so, so did us. sape x buat mistake utk 1st time shooting utk prog LIVE @ news plak tuh, mmg gempakkk abisla kan. and, i guess i did quite well on the timing & directing, it just, the matter of, silly, unexpected mistake.

cik augustine, yg bnykkk membantu.
lampu tuh tibe2 meletup. 1 mentol = RM1800

- VT [visual] mmg WAJIB disusun ikut turutan dlm tape beta. so, senang nak cari timecode. timecode, eg; jam : min : saat : frame = 06 : 15 : 14 : 10
- VT mesti countdown from 10, 10 sec b4 commercial / VT abis.
- prompter MESTI ikut susunan berita
- ape yg penting.... kerjasama from A-Z

and, to tell the truth, every1 of my crew, did a mistake but WE also, did a great job. seriously. ok. time shooting live, bnde yg x best ade jd. such as, news presenter terskip 1 news since prompter salah susun. so, timing semua lari. and, we can't cut anything cuz it's live. VT pnye timecode, tak tersusun so, mmg jauh & lmbt nak cari, jd bnyk pause, but not la sampai berminit - minit. and. mr raj bnyk jgkk la marah. but, it's ok. 1st time. again, 1st trial. and, sumpah aku x nangis sbb kene marah la wan~! haha XD

my beloved crew members.

nangis sbb... sian tgk crew lain dlm bilik editing dkt blakang tu pun kene marah jgk. thanks
2 shai as well sbb die FM yg blh connect langsung ke director, me and suruh 'focus, focus qila'. ok. ahah~ and, act nangis sbb the final rehearsal was great enough. and, it just the matter of ble timing lari. uhuuu~ but what can i say, it's accidentally happened. and mcm best jgk, ble time nangis tuh, ramaiii jgk rupenye yg ambil berat. wahaha. i mean like, i'm well-known as a quiet, shy person in college. pdhal korang yg x kenal aku yg sebenar - benarnye. only a few did~

control room

and and. when i was crying, SEMUA group members dtg and say sorry. alaaaaaa... korang. seriously, dont blame urself. semua org buat slh. and wan tomot, group 1, tibe2 jgk ckp "korang pnye ok laaa. btol, ok je" hahahaha. yes i know wan. i can't stand myself from laughing when i looked at ur innocent face. i cried cuz, idk. haha. i guess we can do better & kesian tgk yg lain kene marah jgk, tu je... and and, zikri came to me and asked bout it too, as well as leon, etc. owh thanks korang~! seriously rase cam ramai jgk yg kisah ek? haha =P

maria, presenter with nurul, FM - floor manager
[group 1]

btw. after finished that. we had a meeting, for the next shoot. talkshow. 2 guest & 1 host. at 1st, we decided to maintain the same position. but then, i guess we should all learn a different position. and, for this time, i would b 1 of the talkshow guest. tomorrow, we gonna have another meeting again bout that. thinking of doing the proposal and searching for the input / visual. dang~ got an assignment to be submit this thursday, and, haven't finish it yet. aiyooo. got a lot of things 2 do. and as i arrived home yesterday, i took almost an hour to do HOMEwork.

angkat kain, jemur kain, masak air, masak nasi, buang sampah, siram pokok, and, lots more.

1st time pakai crocs hello kitty tuh g kolej. and it reminds me of lola. and ramai skeee sbb comel. hahahahahhahahahhahahahahah XD dan... i've got something from someone special.

lola on the top of the box

cupcakes inside the box.

p/s; i'm sooooooooooo happy and excited to see lola. thanks thanks thanks~!

and not to forget.

happy 20th birthday afiq akmal
@ 7th sept.


.Nora Kacak. said...

awk. ZIKRI la. bukan Zikir, marah dye kang, ahahhaah, and and nasebek tak tgk awk mngs. sy dgr semalam pon da terdiam, inikan tgk LIVE, wahahah. besala tu. semua org buat silap. xpe, bljar n terus bljr, itu tujuan masuk college kn.. bljr. hee.. oh oh, gudluck 4 da next shooting!

=] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] XD

iLi-chan said...


those cupcakes looked nice.
nak sket:)

from whom?

[e.i.y.k.a.a] said...

cupcake comel~~~

apesal la kite tak terpk pn nk wt corak cmtu arituh? :P

miszkeyna said...

qilah be strong..
everyone make mistake...
weee~ mesti best kn dpt experience all those shooting2...

athirah hanafiah said...

besnye ada experience shooting..
jd director lg.. seronoknyerr!~

takpelah, semua tu kan penglman.. lpas ni dah tahulah kalau slah mcm ni kesnnyer mcm tu.. kan3??

ra|nbOw said...

hahahahah. bnyk sgt berzikir. tu salah eja zikri. eheh =P itulah. x da apa eh awk riso sgt. biase je. eheh. thanks. u too, good luck utk minggu bz nnt. haha.

ili. haha. it's vanilla cute cupcakes. best. nak skit? aaa. sume dlm perut i. haha. adela. dr some1 special =]

ika~! ahah. itulaaa. hari tu ika ade buat cupcake kan? ahah. hurm. takk pe. nnt buat bnyk2 lg~! XD

keyna. ahah. kate blaja kan? mesit buat slh. hee. x pe. ko LAGI BEST dpt g nz. jealous owh~!

athirah. haha. director paling pening woo. tp make sure sume terurus, senang je keje. eheh. itulah pengalaman =]

wmsyazwan said...

betul la korg punye ok je.. betul.

ainaaamira. said...

cupcakes itu comel dan lola jue. ahah~

gidluck for ur next shooting. :)